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40 years ago: City dog-and-cat ordinance to be revised

October 19, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 19, 1973:

  • The Lawrence City Commission approved a series of amendments to the dog control ordinance this week. Commissioners agreed to allow animal control officers onto private property without the landowner's consent in order to pursue loose dogs, but buildings and fenced-in areas were designated as off-limits. Dogs were also to be required to be leashed in the central business district and in public schoolyards, with the Kansas University campus remaining exempt from the rule. Dog registration licenses were to be abolished, with a rabies vaccination form to serve the purpose; however, the dog recovery fee at the Lawrence Humane Society was to be increased in order to recover the $3,500 lost through the discontinuation of dog license fees. Lastly, the commission vote to require all cats to be immunized for rabies, but it was agreed that collars and tags would not be required.
  • A "Heard in Lawrence" item mentioned a recent surge in mosquito activity in the area. The "skeeters" causing the infestation were referred to as "many of the giant variety which bite with a lasting vengeance." One benefit, it was noted, was that the mosquito invasion had "given many parents an excuse to stay indoors in the evening hours, rather than being outside doing some of the fall yard work."


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