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KCC approves injection wells in Douglas County

October 17, 2013


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KCC order on saltwater injection ( .PDF )

— The Kansas Corporation Commission has approved a permit to inject saltwater in three wells about one mile southeast of Baldwin City.

The permit was granted to R.T. Enterprises of Kansas Inc. to replace three injection wells on the lease that had been plugged, according to the KCC order.

Evelyn Robbs, of Baldwin City, who opposed the application, said she was concerned that her water well could be adversely affected by leakage or spills.

In addition, she said that the proposal to inject 300 barrels of saltwater per day was high and that she was concerned about earthquakes being caused by the injection.

Stephen Scott, an employee of R.T. Enterprises, said there has been injection occurring on the lease since 1961 without polluting water.

The KCC staff also recommended approval, saying that the wells complied with commission regulations.

The KCC found that the amount was consistent with other injection permits.

And in its order, the KCC also said there was no record of injection causing seismic activity anywhere in Kansas.


Joshua Montgomery 4 years, 7 months ago

After reading this article and the attached decision, I am still confused as to what the permit is being issued for.

  1. Are these oil wells or natural gas wells or both?

  2. If the injection is being performed to recover natural gas, is the process being used similar to hydraulic fracturing?

  3. Finally, why were the original wells capped? Did the pipes corrode over time? Were the wells not producing?

Interesting story. I would certainly want to know if there was hydraulic fracturing ( Fracking ) going on here in Douglas County. The ramifications of Fracking for water supplies and geologic stability in some areas of the country have been substantial and the public should have an opportunity for input if it is going to be performed here in Douglas County.

Deb Stavin 4 years, 7 months ago

I believe injection wells and fracking are the same thing.

Ted Morehouse 4 years, 7 months ago

injection wells do not fracture rock. Oil reservoirs in Kansas contain a lot of salt water, we have no use for it, so it is pumped back down to the oil reservoir, or another brine reservoir

Brady Pollington 4 years, 7 months ago

Ted Morehouse ... Right on the money. Another version of the same explanation ... the source of the salt water is the oil/gas producing wells. They are merely putting the water back in the ground. If there is any interest in the type of drilling activity in Douglas County or the State of Kansas, you only need to go to the KCC website. Click on the oil and Gas link on the left hand side of the page. Scroll down to "searches" and select intent to drill permits. It will provide a search engine regarding the permits. Select Douglas County and the number of days prior to get an idea of the amount of permitting activity. Or just paste this link to get to the same page

If you have any other questions regarding oil and gas activity, frac'ing, or other oil production methods ... I work at the Lawrence Chamber. Give me a call.

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