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Fix-It Chick: Build a scarecrow

October 17, 2013


Though mostly relegated to folk art status, scarecrows can serve a useful purpose in gardens and orchards. Making a basic scarecrow is a fun and easy project.

Step 1: Start with two poles, one about 7 feet long and the other 4 feet long.

Step 2: Gather clothes and accessories for the scarecrow. Include a pillow case or round of fabric for the head, a long-sleeve shirt for the torso and tights or pants for the legs.

Step 3: Place the shorter stick through the sleeves of the shirt and/or jacket to create the torso of the scarecrow.

Step 4: Use twine or rope to lash the shorter stick about 8 inches down from the top of the longer stick. Secure the twine to the long pole and wrap the length under and over either side of the 4-foot pole, crossing the back of the longer pole at least four or five times.

Next wrap the twine several times between the two poles, around the loops of twine that were just formed. Knot the twine to finish the process.

Step 5: Make the scarecrow’s head by stuffing a pillow case with straw or by filling the center of a round of fabric with straw and gathering the fabric together to form a ball. Be sure to draw any facial features on the head before stuffing it.

Step 6: Slide the top of the long stick into the scarecrow head and close the opening of the head with twine, securing it to the pole in the process.

Step 7: Form the scarecrow’s hands by stuffing two gloves with straw and tying them securely to either end of the short pole.

Step 8: Tie open ends of the pants or tights shut and stuff the legs full of straw.

Step 9: Secure two pieces of twine to the legs of the scarecrow and loop the twine over either side of the short pole. Tie the twine securely to form makeshift suspenders that can hold the bottom of the scarecrow in position.

Step 10: Tie the ends of the shirt sleeves closed over the gloves and stuff the arms full with straw.

Step 11: Tie the collar of the shirt closed over the bottom of the scarecrow’s head and stuff the shirt full with straw.

Step 12: Secure the torso to the legs, add accessories and press your scarecrow into service ASAP.

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