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100 years ago: Heavy rain cancels parade, motion-picture project

October 16, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 16, 1913:

  • "A rainfall which began shortly after six o'clock last night totaled an inch of rain at noon today, and it was still raining then. It was a real soaker that fell last night. The rain this morning was of the shower variety, but it served to make the day rather disagreeable. How welcome this rain would have been the middle of last August, but just now it seems superfluous."
  • "A rain scene was not the choice of Pathé Freres' motion picture camera man who was in Lawrence and consequently the city didn't get its picture taken this noon. With all the scenery adjusted and everything ready for the filming of the city the weather man sent such a deluge as drove all from the scene and dispersed all ideas of a parade. So the motion picture man set up his machine in front of the Fraternal Aid Building and snapped several groups and took a number of the drill teams assembled on the sidewalk in front of the building. And this was the extent of the picture taking in Lawrence today.... The parade which had been planned for this noon had to be entirely given up because of the rain, which fell all during the hour and continued this afternoon. It was a great disappointment to the visitors and to the city as a whole as the parade was boomed as one of the really big events of the council meeting."
  • "The state of Kansas is now in practical possession of the Robinson estate. Attorney General John Dawson was in Lawrence yesterday and investigated the probate court records. He found everything regular and the formal transfer will be made in a few days.... The Robinson estate originally consisted of a farm of 1,606 acres but the executors sold 275 acres to pay the bequests and then left the state a little over 1,300 acres.... The Robinson estate is one of the largest ones of Kansas. The farm is a splendid one, a good part of it bottom land. It has increased in value greatly since the executors took hold of it. In fact the belief is that the estate is worth just as much today as it was when the former governor died and the executors sold 275 acres. The state gets this valuable bequest as the final contribution this great friend of the university is able to make. In his lifetime he was always anxious to help the school and in his death he left his entire estate to it, after the wife had a life time interest in it. The Robinson estate is now settled and the state has come into possession of the property."
  • "The automobile stolen from President Wilbur Mason of Baker University was found at 2:30 this afternoon in a ditch at the side of a little traveled road three miles northeast of Baldwin. The car was only slightly injured. No clue as to the thief has been uncovered."
  • "That the University of Kansas has a detrimental influence on young men studying for the ministry, was the contention of several delegates to the Christian convention in Atchison, Kan., today in a discussion of ministerial education. They argued that the good influence could not be received by the students for the ministry that is received at the denominational schools. This argument was refuted by W. W. Holyfield, pastor of the First Christian church of Lawrence.... 'Kansas University has a better religious influence on students than nearly any other state university,' said Rev. Holyfield. 'The chancellor and members of the university at Lawrence are strong religious advocates and nowhere could a young man who intends to enter the ministry obtain better influences.'"


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