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County installs additional emergency sirens

October 15, 2013


Two new emergency sirens have been installed and are expected to go live by the end of this month, said Jillian Rodrigue, Douglas County Emergency Management's assistant director.

A new siren has been installed at the entrance of the East Hills Business Park and in the 600 block of East 1700 Road. Rodrigue said the new siren at East Hills will serve the new Douglas County Public Works facility, the county's correctional facility and a community shelter.

Both locations were chosen based on the county's outdoor warning siren placement policy, Rodrigue said. The department reviews construction and areas of significant growth each year. For example, she said, the 600 block of 1700 Road received a siren after it surpassed the 100-home mark.

A new siren is expected to be installed near the Rock Chalk Park recreational facilities in 2014, because of the park's multiple outdoor venues.

"Those individuals are not likely to have as many means to learn of emergencies as those indoors," Rodrigue said.

Rodrigue urged residents to seek additional warning and notification processes such as smartphone apps, weather radios or the county's Immediate Response Information System (IRIS), which allows residents to register phone lines and receive voice mails in the event of an emergency.

"Sirens are just one of the many ways to receive warning," Rodrigue said, "but sirens are meant for people who are outdoors."


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