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100 years ago: Baker University president’s car disappears from garage

October 15, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 15, 1913:

  • "LOST -- A six cylinder Buick touring car, 1913 model. This is the substance of a notice received in the office of County Sheriff Cummings today over the telephone from Baldwin. It appears that a car of the above description and belonging to Wilbur M. Mason, president of Baker University, disappeared last night from the private garage in the rear of the president's house, and no one has seen a trace of the car since.... At first the disappearance of the car was thought to be due to a prank of some of the Baker students. But after the city officers of Baldwin and others had made a thorough search of all possible hiding places for such a machine within the limits of Baldwin, they examined the calendar and discovered that Hallowe'en night was still nearly a month away. Whereupon they began notifying sheriffs and city officials of surrounding counties to be on the lookout for such a car.... A peculiar thing about the affair is the fact that no tracks of the wheels were left where the car left the garage. This latter fact has given rise to the theory held by some citizens of Baldwin that the car was hooked by the anchor of a Zeppelin airship that passed over that fair city some time last night."
  • "Lawrence will have her picture taken tomorrow. It was taken once before, two years ago, and a good picture taken, but the Fraternal Aid Association which is holding its General Council here this week wants another picture which will include the big parade to be held tomorrow. A camera man employed by the Pathé Freres company has been secured for the occasion. He will be here tomorrow with his machine and will take 2,000 feet of pictures of the city. These pictures will be the property of the Fraternal Aid Association and will be shown at various cities over the country.... They will be shown in Lawrence some time soon. The main feature of the film will be the F. A. A. parade to be held tomorrow at noon. This promises to be the big event of the meeting and affords the best opportunity for picture taking. The picture man, however, will take views over the city, he will photo a group of school children at Kentucky and Warren [Ninth] streets, the school corner of Lawrence, and will go on the hill for some views for his reel. McCook Field with its Jayhawker athletes in practice is slated for a picture by the movie man. On the whole it is a good advertising stunt for Lawrence."
  • "A movement was started at the University Council meeting yesterday by Dean Olin Templin to have classes at the University start in the afternoon at one o'clock instead of 1:30 o'clock. Dean Templin gave as his reasons for wanting the change that the late classes in the afternoon were hampered because of poor light in the class rooms. Also this year since the morning classes are dismissed at 11:50 o'clock the students have a longer lunch hour than last year. The matter has not been acted on finally by the council."
  • "WANT WAGONS OFF THE STREET -- A special request is being made that all vehicles be kept off Massachusetts street tomorrow from 11:30 to one o'clock during the hours of the Fraternal Aid Parade. The police will endeavor to keep the streets clean, but ask the co-operation of all drivers."


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