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25 years ago: Over 70 Kansas counties losing population

October 13, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 13, 1988:

  • Figures from the U.S. Census Bureau showed that less than a third of Kansas counties had experienced population growth during the 1980s, with rural northern and western counties showing the largest decrease. In a report released this week, the agency said only 32 counties had enjoyed increases in the period between the last official census in 1980 and the newest estimates of July 1987. Two counties had remained relatively unchanged and 71 had suffered population losses. The fastest-growing county in the state, with a 27.5 percent increase, was Finney County in western Kansas, home to Garden City. Johnson County was ranked second, with a 23.4 percent growth. Douglas County was fifth on the list of counties with increased population, with a rise of 11 percent.
  • A photo today showed the steel framework for the new Phi Delta Theta fraternity house at 1621 Edgehill, the site of their previous house. The fraternity had opted for a new building after learning that the old one would have been too expensive to renovate. The new house was expected to be ready in time for the fall 1989 semester.


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