Letter: Nutty problem

October 12, 2013


To the editor:

This letter comes as a tribute to one of your local businesses. Let me explain.

I left my Ford Taurus in my daughter’s driveway off the alley for about four days while traveling with family members to a college class reunion in Indiana. Upon returning this week, I backed the car out and heard a clanking noise underneath. I checked but found nothing, so I drove the several blocks to Laird-Noller Ford, and explained the problem to service staff, since the noise had persisted. One of them drove the car and made his own diagnosis, thinking it might be muffler-related. He indicated that they would put the car on the hoist to examine the underbody in order to pinpoint the problem.

About an hour later, he returned and, with a grin, handed me a black walnut! An enterprising squirrel in my daughter’s driveway apparently “decided” that the right rear wheel would be a prime storage place for that walnut until winter! I reached for my wallet to pay for the service rendered, but the service man declined payment, acknowledging the unusual nature of the problem and the simple solution.

Although my return trip home was delayed, it was with great relief and much gratitude to one of your local businesses that exemplifies careful and thoughtful service to a stranger from out of town.


Leslie Swearingen 4 years, 7 months ago

Yep, the squirrels in Lawrence like to mess with peoples minds. A huge kudo to those folks at the car service.

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