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100 years ago: Football fever grips Lawrence as KU kicks off season

October 4, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 4, 1913:

  • "It is in the air today. It quickens your step, lights your eye and you are in a hurry. You just couldn't help it if you wanted to and who wouldn't feel that way about it? Yes, it is the football spirit that grips you, leads you on, and your mind wanders out to the grass covered rectangle, you see the canvass garbed (you used to call it moleskin) anyhow you have a vision of a flying pigskin (neither is it really pigskin), but you see it just the same and you see the clash, the battle is on and you are sitting in the bleachers, one of the great army of enthusiastic cheering rooters. Just such a day was today. When you woke up this morning you felt that something unusual was going to happen, your neighbor who got on the street car and sat down beside you wanted to talk about it, your friends greeted you with a reference to the all important topic and you read it in the morning paper. Soon you have it yourself and you planned to go out to the field this afternoon.... For a while this morning it was rather doubtful. Jupiter Pluvius was not acting like a true fan and threatened to spoil the entire plan. But he withdrew fro the field towards noon and the events of the day continued in regular scheduled order."
  • "It was a great team that Kansas sent out on the field this afternoon, a crew of giants, the pride of the Kansas followers and a combination in which they are building great hopes. The team has been working less than three weeks now but it is in shape and fit for any battle that could be given it. The boys were thirsting for battle, the coaches were eager to display them and the crowd was eager to see."
  • "An invitation to the city of Lawrence to join the Kansas League of Municipalities is to be extended to the city fathers at the session of the city council on Monday night. C. H. Talbot, the newly named secretary of the league, will call upon the council at this session and ask that Lawrence join the organization and participate in the annual conference to be held in Kansas City next week."
  • "The Black Jack monument, commemorating one of the important battles of the war, will be dedicated tomorrow. The exercises will be held at Black Jack, but the Baldwin City people will go out in a body. The party from Baldwin will leave immediately after the Lawrence train gets in. This ceremony will be an impressive one."


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