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100 years ago: Student suspensions lifted, but KU bans tango ‘forever’

October 3, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 3, 1913:

  • "While the Board of Administration this morning provided for the reinstatement of the two student correspondents who wrote the story of a 'tango' club, the board forever forbade the entrance of the 'tango' or other similar and objectionable dances into University life. In the order issued by the board this morning following the investigation into the case the board stated that it would regard the dancing of the 'tango' or any other suggestive dances as an infraction of the rules and would support the University council in suppressing these dances. The statement hints at a censorship of all dances at the university in the future.... Now let us forget that 'tango' affair. It was a mountain out of a mole hill at best and it had better be forgotten.... This paper wants to make plainer than has been made the fact that there is nothing here that reflects upon the school.... Do not forget that the little disturbances we have had are not serious. The school is clean and decent and there is no occasion for alarm anywhere. So let us forget it all and remember that there never was a finer lot of boys and girls ever brought together than are going to school here."
  • "Gov. Hodges is coming down tomorrow to give the University football team a lift. It is fine in him to root and it ought to help a lot. Gov. Hodges wants our boys to win and he is going to encourage them. It looks as if we had the best team we have had in years. It is going to be a pennant winner this year. Mark this prediction. Tomorrow is the first game and your support is worth a lot. If the governor of the state can leave his duties to come down the citizens of Lawrence ought tot take hold and help also."
  • "For the mere sum of $50,000 the city of Lawrence may have an interurban railway. This is the proposition offered by C. A. Magee of Kansas City. Mr. Magee was in Lawrence Wednesday but he did not make known the definite terms of his plans until today. he contained his proposition in a letter to Dr. A. P. Hults, president of the Commercial Club.... Mr. Magee wants to sell $50,000 worth of 5 per cent bonds to the city of Lawrence. These bonds would be offered at 85 cents on the dollar. And that is all that stands between Lawrence and a perfectly good interurban railway system. Mr. Magee says that he could begin work within ten days and have the line in operation in six months."
  • "The Journal-World received a letter from W. C. Cortelyou at Oblong, Ill., asking about an oil burner which was advertised in this paper a year ago and demonstrated some place in Lawrence. He had forgotten the place but remembered the burner when he came to investigate the heating problem for his home. Thus does advertising live forever."


Ron Holzwarth 4 years, 8 months ago

"the board forever forbade the entrance of the 'tango' or other similar and objectionable dances"

tango (noun)
1. A ballroom dance originating in Buenos Aires, characterized by marked rhythms and postures and abrupt pauses.
Or, a piece of music written for or in the style of the tango, typically in a slow dotted duple rhythm.
2. A code word representing the letter T, used in voice communication by radio.

tango (verb)
1. Dance the tango.

I think I've seen that rule broken many times, and I've also heard many times that it takes two to do it. Or if that rule was not at least broken, it was smashed into smithereens. And, no one objected to it!

Ron Holzwarth 4 years, 8 months ago

There is no way it was practiced to this level at KU in 1913! This style of clothing and these moves would be way too shocking for their mores back then. I am sure that at KU, it was going to be much more sedate, and it was certainly not practiced by dance professionals as the ones in this video. I also can't help but think that the ban on the tango was an expression of prejudice against Latinos.

Final round- World Tango Dance Championship:

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