Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare

As the federal government shutdown entered its second day, U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins defended her vote to fund government contingent on putting in place a one-year delay on the Affordable Care Act requirement that millions of people buy health insurance.

“She feels getting the government up and running is an urgent matter and is disheartened the U.S. Senate rejected not only this proposal, but a simple call to set up a committee to come to a compromise. If we do not talk, problems can never be solved,” her office said. Jenkins, of Topeka, is a Republican whose district includes Lawrence.

Members of Kansas’ all-Republican congressional delegation oppose the ACA and have supported efforts to repeal it.

“Unfortunately, Senate Democrats and President Obama refuse to come to the table and work toward a responsible solution with those who disagree with them. They would rather shut down the government than negotiate,” said U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran.

Even as many government agencies closed their doors, health insurance exchanges that are at the core of President Barack Obama’s health care law were up and running, taking applications for coverage that would start Jan. 1.