Mrs. Mass.: How sweet it is

Thanksgiving officially kicks off the time of year for everything sweet! What is Thanksgiving without pies? And then there are holiday cookies, gingerbread houses and chocolate-dipped everything. All of it is so deliciously dreamy.

Find Sweet! Baking Supply at 717 Massachusetts St., 785-749-2258,

The special utensils required to make these delicacies, however, can be an afterthought. If you’re in need of decorating supplies, candy molds, specialty containers and more, head down to Sweet! Baking and Candy Making Supply. This shop not only sells everything baking and candy-making, but occasionally offers cooking and baking classes, too.

Sweet! has two locations in Kansas: one in Topeka and one in downtown Lawrence. I was initially drawn to this shop when I discovered it offers cooking classes.

There was a Spanish food class in October (2.5 hours, $25 per person), and a beginners’ cake decorating class earlier this month (4 hours with lunch provided, $35). Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that it’s only a one-time commitment here; I can’t commit to a four-week cooking session, but I can definitely commit to 2.5 hours on a random week night (especially in the name of Spanish food).

Beyond the classes, Sweet! carries almost anything you can think of related to baking. Bakeware and pans? Got it. Fillings and food coloring? Yep. Pastry bags, cook books and gourmet food items? By the dozen. It’s the “everything but the kitchen sink” deal here (at least, I don’t believe they sell kitchen sinks here…). I was quite impressed by the selection.

In most cases, items were not only available, but available in various sizes and colors, too (i.e. candy melts, cupcake baking cups, aprons, etc.). Whether shopping for your own needs or considering gift items for a baker in the family, you’ll be set here.

My recent trip to Sweet! resulted in a simple package of festive straws for $7.35 (after tax). There were many other items I should have also picked up (i.e. cookie cutters and specialty decorations for the holidays), but it seems I’m still in true holiday denial.

Chances are, I’ll get bit by the holiday bug in a couple of weeks and mix up some cookies in a flurry. It will be mid-baking when I realize I have nothing with which to decorate them. All of this to say, I’m sure I’ll be visiting Sweet! a few times during the month of December. See you there?

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