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100 years ago: Ordinance to be discussed on changing Lawrence street names to numbers

November 24, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 24, 1913:

  • "It may be that after years of agitation Lawrence will have numbered streets. An ordinance is to be presented tonight changing the names of all streets running east and west to numbers. This matter has been under consideration several times in the last few years but failed to carry in the council because of those opposed for sentimental reasons, the abandoning of the old names that the streets have carried so long. Under the provisions of the new ordinance the numbering will begin on the north limits and advance south. The road on the north limits, Lyons street, will be First. Dane street will be Second street, and Henry street will be Eighth street."
  • "The Journal-World believes that it established a record in the matter of handing out information Saturday. Beginning at 2 o'clock and continuing until 6 a count of all calls concerning the football game was kept, the total for the three hours was 964, or about one call every forty seconds. This indicates that the phones were busy practically the entire time. In addition to this the central girls answered a number of calls when the office phones were 'busy.'"
  • "Attorneys for the Lawrence Paper Manufacturing Company today asked a re-hearing of the case of Mrs. Ada B. Smith versus the Company. At the May term of the court Mrs. Smith was awarded $10,000 damages for the death of her husband. Mr. Smith was killed in one of the machines at the mill. In asking for a new trial the attorneys argued that Mr. Smith's death was due to his own negligence. The jury at the previous hearing held that the machinery was not properly guarded. The attorneys today argued that if this were the case it was Mr. Smith's fault as it was a part of his duty to see that proper protection was afforded."
  • "R. Moul, for many years city marshal of Eudora, died at his home there yesterday. He was 50 years of age and left a wife and six children. The funeral will be held tomorrow at the Lutheran church in Eudora at 11 o'clock. Mr. Moul was well known as an officer. He was of diminutive size but he had nerve and pluck and was a good officer."
  • "Thomas A. Edison, whose inventions have for more than a third of a century held the world breathless and made the 'tales of the Arabian Nights' seem commonplace by comparison, has surpassed his own wonder record of electric light, phonograph, Kinetoscope and countless other marvels by his latest magical invention - the Kinetophone. Youngest of all the wonderful children of that wonderful brain, but requiring the most of mechanical ingenuity, the most of long sustained and determined effort, it seems destined most of all to preserve for him his title of 'The Wizard of Menlo Park.' The Kinetophone, or Edison Talking Pictures, will have their first local presentation at the Bowersock Theatre, Monday and Tuesday, November 24-25."


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