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Kansas Insurance Commissioner Praeger declines invitation to meet with Obama on ACA

November 20, 2013


— Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger declined to attend a meeting on Wednesday with President Obama to discuss problems with the Affordable Care Act.

Praeger, one of the few Republicans who has supported the ACA, was invited to the meeting, along with the president of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and two other members of the group.

Bob Hanson, a spokesman for Praeger, said Praeger wanted to stay in Kansas to try to resolve issues with the ACA.

"The Commissioner and department personnel are in the middle of conferring with companies on how the President’s changes might be implemented.

"Those business and regulatory discussions are keeping the Commissioner here in Kansas to make sure any details are hammered out in the best interest of our citizens," Hanson said.

In addition, Praeger, a past president of the NAIC, signed a joint email with several other insurance commissioners saying that they didn't want to meet with Obama before the entire membership of the NAIC had built a consensus position.

"While we greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with President Obama, briefing the membership and working to build consensus on a meeting of this importance needs to occur prior to sitting down with him," the email said.


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