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100 years ago: New kind of crime surfaces in Lawrence

November 19, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 19, 1913:

  • "Lawrence has a purse snatcher. This is something new for this city. It is also something that must be stamped out. The young lady in question was passing along Kentucky street, and as she came to the corner of Warren [Ninth] a young man, neatly dressed and of gentle appearance, approached her. She instinctively passed to the other side without a thought of what he might want. He at once grabbed her handbag. She resisted and he broke the chain on her wrist. The young lady at once gave the alarm, but the man was gone. It happened that no one heard her although people were near at hand. One man said afterwards that there was so much noise on that corner that he just supposed it was some student yelling.... The police made diligent search, but were unable to find any trace of the thief.... Purse snatching is something new for Lawrence and it will have to be carefully watched. This town cannot afford such a class of criminals."
  • "The High school football team is going to play at Beatrice, Nebraska, on Thanksgiving Day. It would be just as appropriate to play the game the Sunday before. If there is to be desecration on the part of the schools of this city the game had better be played on Sunday and get it over with. It is just as wrong to play football on Sunday as on Thanksgiving."
  • "The football spirit at the University is not yet dead in spite of the defeat of last Saturday by Nebraska. Next Thursday night a big 'On to Missouri' rally will be held in Robinson gymnasium.... There is no disposition on the part of the football followers at the University to be downcast. Everyone expects Kansas to repeat the feat of last year, winding up the season with a victory over the old time rivals, the Tigers."
  • "Here's a trick one Lawrence man pulled on a 'friend.' The latter is a Nebraska supporter who found it possible to attend the game here. He sent his friend in Lawrence the price and asked him to buy a ticket. Today when the Nebraskan arrived at McCook Field he found that his seat had been reserved in the very middle of the Kansas rooters' section."
  • "T. F. Haas, a farmer living in Willow Springs township in this county, is minus 65 bushels of wheat. One night early this week someone broke into the barn and stole the grain that was stored there."


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