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100 years ago: Entire city prepares for KU-Nebraska game

November 14, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 14, 1913:

  • "The football atmosphere prevails in every nook and corner of Lawrence this week. It is abroad at all hours, you can't dodge it and besides who wants to. It is football's greatest week of the year and so let the spirit prevail.... Lawrence merchants are doing double time in their display windows this week, they are making plans for elaborate decorations on Saturday and are striving in every way to make the occasion a complete success. The athletic management is busy selling tickets and providing more seats to sell tickets for. McCook Field is expected to see its biggest crowd on next Saturday afternoon.... The slumbering student spirit has been completely aroused, it is alive and on the job. It keeps the more staid population awake at nights, it causes the strong arm of the law to weaken, and it awakens thought of other days, it arouses the feelings of youth in older citizens and although awakened from the midst of slumber it is good to hear the boys in action, to observe and feel the college spirit again.... The weather man alone seems to be lacking in a keep appreciation of the situation, but then he has plenty of time to get over his threatening mood. Today he sent clouds to the city to cause the coaches and the managers and the rooters worry, but they may pass over and leave the settings for the great day undisturbed."
  • "Eventually all public utilities will be under government control was the declaration of Hon. Henderson Martin, Chairman of the Kansas Public Utilities Board in his address before the Woodrow Wilson Club of Lawrence last night. Mr. Martin pointed out that at present the government is controlling all actions of the big corporations and predicted the time when the actual possession of the property would be by the government.... Going further in the subject Mr. Martin declared that in his opinion the community at large should pay for products of the utilities.... 'Our public school policy is the policy that I would adopt as a utilities policy,' Martin said. 'There was a time when it was held that the public had no right to take one man's money to educate another man's child. Our fathers were wrong about the school, and we are wrong about the utilities.... We have decided that children must be educated whether their parents are able to pay school tax or not, and for a like reason the people must have pure water whether they are able to pay a water tax or not. The reasons which make it important to society that homes should be provided with good light and good water are so apparent that I need not take your time to recount them.'"


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