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40 years ago: Lawrence residents respond to Nixon’s energy conservation measures

November 8, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 8, 1973:

Several Lawrence residents and business owners said this week that they were opting to turn down their thermostats and slow their highway driving speeds in accordance with President Nixon's fuel-saving suggestions. Many residents surveyed by the Journal-World said they were complying with the recommendations both for reasons of fuel economy and, in the case of the speed limit, highway safety. "I think it will do more than conserve energy if we all slow down to 50 miles an hour," said resident Mrs. William Holloway. Spokesmen for several local businesses, including Reuter Organ, Fleetwood Homes, the Hallmark plant, the Kresge Distribution Center, Packer Plastics, King Radio, and FMC, all said thermostats had been lowered. An order limiting state-owned vehicles to a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour was the first conservation measure to be announced by Gov. Robert Docking. President Nixon this week had asked Congress to give him emergency power to ration gasoline and oil, cut working hours, reduce highway speed limits, put the nation on year-round Daylight Saving Time, and suspend antipollution programs. The president's top energy adviser, John A. Love, said that nationwide gasoline rationing would probably be imposed by next spring.


Les Blevins 5 months, 1 week ago

Once upon a time even Republicans cared about energy efficiency and what was right for our nation. These days the city commission nor city manager has time to hear a proposal on how to bring the city up the scale on energy efficiency, even if it would save the city a big chunk of change every month.

Back in March 9th, 2006, Lawrence City commissioners unanimously agreed that the City of Lawrence would sign the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement.

This agreement amounts to a pledge by the City of Lawrence to follow the general guidelines of the Kyoto Protocol, which targets reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 7 percent, compared to 1990 levels, in order to choose a path forward that will ultimately lead to a just and sustainable situation for all the world’s inhabitants.

Lawrence City Commissioners directed City staff members to prepare a report on how to increase efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The reason for this move by the Lawrence City Commission, in early spring of 2006, is because it has become increasingly apparent that harrowing times again lay ahead for the City of Lawrence, the State of Kansas, the Nation and the entire World due to emerging threat of Climate Change.

I'm writing this as Super Typhoon Haiyan is raking the Philippines with death and destruction due to a warming climate that Lawrence is still not willing to even hear my proposal on how to address this issue in such a way so as to create jobs that empower many other towns, cities and counties to address it all around the world. For a copy of my 2007 letter to the Lawrence City Commission that is still going unanswered find me on Facebook and message me with your email address.


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