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100 years ago: Control of KU newspaper transferred to journalism department

November 8, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 8, 1913:

  • "The University Daily Kansan is passing through a crucial stage of its tumultuous career. Recently the student board asked the Department of Journalism of the school to take charge of the paper. This morning the change formally took place and for the next three weeks the students of the Department of Journalism will assume entire control of the paper. The policy of the paper will be determined by the professors.... For some time when the Kansan first became a daily paper an effort was made by the students in charge to make the paper a true student paper. This was done for a time but in a measure failed because of the friction between the Kansan board and the Department of Journalism. The present Kansan board found that it was a hard job to get out a good paper and so asked the department for help. Several of the more experienced newspaper men in the university are in the department of journalism but are now employed on the Kansan. With the change that was made this morning these men will be put in the harness and it is believed that the Kansan will improve.... To some students the change that was made today means practical censorship of the news from the university. One of the big faults with the Kansan, as is seen by the students of the university, is that it has been used for a publicity bureau for various enterprises that are not of primary interest to the students. What these students want is a student paper for the students."
  • "A pair of youthful bandits are accused with a bold daylight bank robbery perpetrated here in Lawrence early this week. The little adopted son of E. A. Lowery, 723 Arkansas street, was the sole stockholder and director, cashier, and bookkeeper in this bank. The deposits represented the savings of his lifetime and the loss is a bad blow to the youthful financier.... A pair of bold bad men discovered the location of this great mass of wealth and laid their plot very carefully. They found the strong box, removed it from its accustomed resting place to the alley back of the barn. Here they applied a charge of something, it may not have been dynamite or nitro-glyerine, but it had the desired effect, and there was the entire cash on hand in the bank. The bandits gathered up their 'swag,' which amounted to seventy-five cents, and made their escape.... This morning the robbery was reported to the local police department and a force of detectives and blood hounds set out on the trail of the safe-blowers. A posse was quickly formed and the latest report is that the bandits are close to capture."
  • "Tomorrow is University Day in all of the churches of the City. The local Ministerial Alliance has decided upon this plan to secure a large attendance of University students and faculty members at the church tomorrow. To make the services tomorrow, and at all times in the future for that matter. It is the hope of the ministers that practically the entire University body will attend some service.... Sermons tomorrow will be directed toward the college folks and special numbers have been added to a number of church programs to make the services interesting. The ministers yesterday morning attended chapel on the hill at which time they extended a special invitation to the students to come to church tomorrow and they hope to have them in their congregations."
  • "Ludwig III, the new king of Bavaria who replaces the mad king, Otto, took the oath today in the throne room of the palace. The ceremony was followed by a salute of one hundred and one guns."


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