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100 years ago: ‘Club Women of Lawrence’ urge marking of city streets

November 5, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 5, 1913:

  • "The Club Women of Lawrence have revived the agitation for the naming of the streets of the city. They have a fund on hand which they wish to donate to this cause and have made an appeal to the city council for aid in marking Lawrence streets.... If the plan is approved and the money that seems available is turned over to this cause the city fathers may be relieved of the part asked or them and the signs put up and Lawrence given something the need of which has been felt for many years."
  • "The fate of Justin Hinshaw, the Kansas University Law student charged with aiding James Henderson in a series of forgeries in Lawrence last winter, is in the hands of the jury. At 3 o'clock this afternoon the twelve men left the court room where they heard the testimony and the arguments in the case and retired to determine upon the guilt or innocence of the young man. There was a general feeling that the jury would be a considerable time in reaching a verdict...."
  • "There are prospects of gas again. The action of the United States Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday in upholding the state receivers of the Kansas Natural renews the fastly glimmering hopes of the gas consuming public. What will be the result is a matter of considerable conjecture, but at that there seems to be a chance of considerable of the artificial fuel this winter. If there is yet time enough for the formalities to be attended to and the state receivers to get down to work before the cold weather sets in, it may be that the gas shortage will not be felt this winter as badly as was anticipated."
  • "More actual instruction in the Bible is needed in the Sunday schools according to the majority of those who discussed the question at the Douglas County Sunday School convention in session here today at the Trinity Lutheran church. The speakers seemed to be all of the opinion that the Bible study was being neglected in the homes at the present time and it was necessary that more of this be taken care of by the churches and the Sunday school. It was the decision that superintendents of Sunday schools avoid long opening exercises of songs and the like and instead devote more time to the actual teaching of the Bible and the study of the lesson for the day."
  • "LOST OR STOLEN -- A Cossack bicycle, 18 inch frame, black trimmed with red. Long Handle bars without grips. Flat saddle rather loose. A suitable reward will be paid for its return to the Journal-World office or to Dolph Simons, 919 Indiana St. Bell 353."


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