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100 years ago: ‘Do you want to get fat? Then board at the county jail.’

November 4, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 4, 1913:

  • "Do you want to get fat? Then board at the county jail, says Ike Johnson, who for the past twenty years has occupied the position of jail warden. 'Nearly every prisoner we have here for any length of time gets too large for his clothes,' said Ike today. 'Of course unless a man is used to being in jail he'll fall off a little the first week or two but it doesn't take him long to start taking on weight, and once started he rarely stops at the place he was when he came.... Yes, they get a good supply of nourishing food, even if it does come only twice a day instead of three times. Each man receives a pound of beef a day besides beans, potatoes, bread and other things to go with it. The prisoners get no butter, coffee but once a day and no luxuries, except on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.... I don't think it's because they don't take exercise that they get fat. Why, some of those fellows walk around their cells enough every day to make a trip to Kansas City if it was all stretched out in a straight line. More than anything else it's the regular hours, plenty of sleep and good nourishing food without the sweets that make the prisoners grow fat.' The boarders at the county jail take their breakfast at 7:30 every morning and their dinner at 2:30, according to Mr. Johnson. Supper is dispensed with in the simple life led by the prisoners."
  • "Calmly and deliberately, James Henderson, confessed forger, named a Kansas University student as his accomplice in the forgeries committed here last winter. Henderson was the principal witness of the state in the case of the student on trial in the district court today. He was calm and possessed when he took the witness stand and told freely of his crimes and of his partnership with Hinshaw. County Attorney J. S. Amick confronted Henderson this morning with the check that hte witness admitted forging and passing on Secretary E. E. Brown of the University. The witness admitted that he had obtained the money on this check. 'Who wrote it?' asked the county attorney. 'Justin Hinshaw,' came the reply. James Henderson thus branded the student as his partner in the crimes he admitted having committed. It was a climax in the questioning of the prosecution of one of the most interesting cases that has been on the docket of the district court of Douglas county for many years."
  • "The city fathers last night discussed the proposition of converting the old jail property into a hitching place, ordered in some new street lights, received a few petitions, paid the regular claims against the city and adjourned. It was just 8:30 when the city fathers declared the month's business done."
  • "Kansas City, Mo. -- A hunter who refused to obey an order to cease shooting in the park, was shot and killed this morning by Frank Robinson, a special officer in Swope Park. There was no means of identification on the hunter's body. Robinson found the hunter shooting a squirrel and ordered him to desist. The hunter replied by firing at Robinson. Robinson then shot him through the forehead."


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