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100 years ago: Man charged with improper conduct after police raid ‘secluded area’

May 28, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 28, 1913:

  • "The clean-up in Lawrence has begun. The first blow was struck last night in an unexpected quarter. Four officers, led by Sheriff W. J. Cummings, visited secluded portions of North College campus, the golf links and other spots against which charges have recently been made. A young man giving the name of J. T. M. Pearson, of Nebraska university, was taken into custody charged with improper conduct, the officers themselves being able to testify against him. An out of town girl, whose name is withheld, was with him. The officers, according to their statements, found the pair on North College Hill last night about 11 o'clock. When discovered the two are said to have made an attempt to escape but they were apprehended and the young man spent the remainder of the night in the county jail. Stricken with remorse the young girl was sent to her home to reflect upon her shame.... The raid of the officers last night followed the receiving of numerous complaints of offenses of a shameful nature at these places. When the officers arrived upon the scene there was a general scattering and scampering about on the part of those who had congregated there. The officers say that at least fifty persons fled at their approach.... This man Pearson was anxious to plead guilty. He had come to town on Monday and the disgrace he has inflicted upon Lawrence is keenly resented by practically all the student body." [Editorial on same day -- "The miserable creature now in the county jail for lewd conduct is willing to sacrifice the girl in order to escape a jail sentence. This creature pleaded guilty to a terrible crime and because the sentence was just he withdrew it and was willing to sacrifice the girl. That is the kind of a creature this man Pearson is."]
  • "Injuries sustained in a premature explosion of dynamite claimed the life of Daniel D. Dahlene, Lawrence contractor, late yesterday afternoon. The accident occurred when Mr. Dahlene attempted to 'pinch out' a fuse that he had lighted preparatory to spreading a hole in a large rock. It was too late.... The chances were against him from the first but physicians held some hopes of his recovery.... Daniel Dahlene is survived by a widow, six sons and one daughter. The funeral will be held on tomorrow afternoon from the home, 615 Indiana street."
  • "The voters of Lawrence, that is a very small percent of them, yesterday decided against the building of new school buildings according to the proposed plan. At the special election the vote was 578 against and 403 in favor of the question."
  • "In many young hearts of this city this is one of the happiest days of the year. Today at 12:30 the High School dismissed classes for the remainder of the summer.... This afternoon is class day for the Seniors. It is on this day that the famous old class 'Will' is read and the class prophecy given and the many other amusing stunts pulled off which go with student life and are very seldom forgotten by any. Tomorrow night at the Bowersock the annual commencement exercises will be held."
  • "Flowers and Decoration Day go together. Friday is the time when these flowers will be needed. It is desirable to have flowers and that they be brought as early in the morning as possible. It takes a lot of flowers to cover the graves of the soldiers. These flowers are necessary to the proper observance of the day."


Tyson Travis 5 years ago

Kegger! With a live dancer? Shameless!

Apparently Lawrence voters soon reversed the ballot rejection on new schools, Cordley (then in SW Lawrence) was built in 1915, McAllister (now gone) about the same time, and new Woodlawn and Lincoln schools were eventually built to replace the 1860s first generations. The old ones stood into the 1960s, the ground floor of old Woodlawn still survives as offices, the oldest surviving early Lawrence school.

So much for an earlier post about Dahlene surviving for many years. Must have been one of his sons.

Sarah St. John 5 years ago

All I could find on this Dahlene: "Daniel Dahlene was born in Falun, Sweden, April 3, 1851. He was married in 1876 in the same city and came to America four years later." It also says he was buried in Oak Hill, just as the other Daniel Dahlene (in the earlier comment) was -- rather confusing -- I might have to take a quick trip over to Oak Hill this week and try to figure this out.

workinghard 5 years ago

I've been wondering if there is some sort of online map of the cemetery with the names of those buried there.

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