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40 years ago: LHS celebrates 99th Commencement

May 26, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 26, 1973:

  • About 8,000 friends and family members had gathered in Allen Fieldhouse on the previous evening for the 99th Commencement of Lawrence High School. Superintendent Carl Knox spoke to the graduates, remembering that his arrival in the school district had coincided with the year that the graduating class was in second grade. LHS acting principal Max Rife told the students that he had enjoyed working with them, and graduates Fred Conboy and Bart Ehrman gave speeches. After the ceremony, the graduates moved to the Armory for a party chaperoned by parents and sponsors.
  • As if wiretapping scandals weren't enough, President Nixon was now in hot water with several of the leading socialites of the Washington area. While chatting with a former prisoner of war who had visited the Oval Office, Nixon had welcomed the man to the city and had advised him to take all the invitations to dinner parties that he could get, but to "watch out for some of those dogs they have you sit by." Rapidly correcting himself, the president added, "No, there are some very nice girls in Washington." Local female leaders of the capital's social circuit were outraged; an article today reported that "a prominent administration hostess reached by telephone said, 'It's staggering! I'm aghast! I'm going to have a drink! Goodbye!" And she hung up." An unidentified social leader, hearing of Nixon's remark, retorted, "At the Nixon White House, yeah, but not at my parties!" Another frequent party-goer shot back, "I'd rather sit next to a dog than a bug," referring to the president's continuing Watergate problems. A member of the social register insisted, "Most of the women who entertain are 50 points ahead of those in any other town. They have looks, brains, and are very hep." When asked for her reaction, Mrs. Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt, chuckled, "Leave me out of it. I'm just an old gray mare."


Steven Alexander 4 years, 9 months ago

What day that was. At the time we really didn't appreciate how fortunate we wear. But now looking back on our class of 73 there were many among use who would do very well in life and make quite a mark. What a great class to have been a part of.

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