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25 years ago: First Kansan wins multistate lottery

May 24, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World May 24, 1988:

Linus McCue of Park City, a small suburb near Wichita, was announced this week as the first Kansan and only the second person nationwide to win the jackpot in "Lotto America," the multistate lottery game (and early forerunner of today's Powerball game) that had been launched the previous year. The Kansas winner was reportedly still trying to comprehend the large jackpot. "I just don't understand $11 million," said McCue, who was making $15 an hour as a nuclear medicine technologist at St. Francis Regional Medical Center in Wichita "I'm not used to hundreds of dollars." McCue had purchased two $5 tickets at a local convenience store, opting for the "Quick Pick" which allowed the computer to select his numbers for him. McCue and his wife, who after taxes were to receive $432,400 a year for the next 20 years, were considering s few purchases for their home as well as a large donation to the family of a Kansas City toddler who was in need of a liver transplant. "Hopefully, we'll still be regular people," McCue said. "I'm not closing any doors. It's one of my dreads that my friends won't treat me as they have in the past."


Stephanie Hull 4 years, 8 months ago

Anyone know how these folks are doing now? I hope they weren't like some lottery winners who lost all their money.

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