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100 years ago: Bootlegger breaks out of Lawrence jail

May 24, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 24, 1913:

  • "Some time last night Tony Williams, then an inmate of the city jail, assumed the rights and power of a District Judge and holding a special session granted to himself a writ of habeas corpus. Next Tony declared himself to be sheriff, he served the writ and then proceeded to release himself from custody. That was the hardest part of the evening's proceedings. But Tony secured a wrench and a file and with these proceeded to put the writ into operation. The file did good service and a bolt which separates inmates of the city jail from liberty was rendered useless and Tony walked out. He was a free man. Tony then transformed himself into a track artist of marvelous speed and soon had left the dark and gloomy bastile far in the distance. When the police awoke this morning Tony was with friends and far from the jurisdiction of the law. Williams was serving a sentence of 120 days for violation of the prohibitory law."
  • "If you think there isn't any building going on in Lawrence this summer just take your motor car, or borrow your neighbor's for the evening and take a little trip over the city. Perhaps you will experience a change of opinion. Perhaps when you hear the sound of hammers, the noise of the saw, see the stone mason at work at his trade, or see the stakes that have been set, perhaps after you have been out for an hour or two and have seen something like fifty houses in the process of construction, perhaps then you will agree that Lawrence is still growing.... The majority of the building is going on in South Lawrence. The new homes are being erected close to the car lines and on the outskirts of the city."
  • "F. C. Merrill has made it a custom for many years to bring to the Journal-World office a bouquet of peonies. He is a lover of flowers and he delights to have others share his favorites. Mr. Merrill brought to this office today the offering for the spring of 1913 and the rare beauty of the popular flower is much enjoyed."
  • "The body of little 'Billie Bob' Atkinson was taken to Nevada, Mo., this morning where the last sad rites were performed. Last night at the home short services were held, largely attended by the many friends of the little boy. 'Billie Bob' made friends wherever he went and he was known to almost everyone in Lawrence. The entire town mourns his loss."


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