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100 years ago: Exhausted man rescued after collapse on railroad tracks

May 22, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 22, 1913:

  • "Sheriff Cummings was summoned last night about 10:30 to make a hurry up call out in Grant township. A call was sent in that there was a man lying prostrate across the railroad tracks. Upon arriving at the scene the sheriff found that the man had become exhausted from walking. He had just been released from the hospital at Leavenworth where an operation had been performed on his toes which had removed most of them. The man gave his name as Henry Simmons and said that he had walked from Leavenworth and had gotten that far when he became sick and fell on the track. The sheriff brought him to Lawrence and placed him in the county jail for the night. He will be taken back to the Leavenworth hospital this afternoon."
  • "The Kansas pharmacists will meet in Lawrence next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Several hundred of the compounders of drugs are expected here for this gathering. They will come from all sections of the state and they will be prepared to have a good time when they get here. For the most part the visitors will 'talk shop' ... however, it will not all be medicines and prescriptions. There are some social features on the program which should add very much to the enjoyment of the occasion. These include a joy ride over the city given by members of the Auto Club, a banquet and a smoker."
  • "The First Regimental Band, K.N.G., will render its second concert of the summer season tonight. This time at Central Park. The Band will continue these concerts all summer alternating in the two city parks. Until the close of school the concerts will be given on Thursday nights, but afterwards on Fridays."
  • "At a meeting of the Federation of Brotherhoods held last night at the Y. M. C. A. it was decided to give automobile street sermons this summer. The idea of the Federation in calling them Automobile Sermons is that every so often during the summer some one of the pastors of the different churches in the city will make about a 15 minute talk upon the street corners of Massachusetts street from an automobile. Music will also be furnished in the same manner."
  • "The Pinney-Sulzen habeas corpus case was heard in District Court yesterday and was taken under advisement by Judge Smart at the conclusion of the argument. A decision is expected sometime nest week. In this case the father of a little six year old child is making an effort to secure the possession of this daughter who is now with her uncle at Lecompton, Kansas. Judge Lindley of the Probate Court refused the writ and the case was appealed to the District Court."


workinghard 5 years ago

Thanks for the update on the girl. I keep seeing the Y.M.C.A. mentioned and am beginning to wonder when Lawrence lost it's Y.M.C.A.

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