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100 years ago: Several postal workers recovering from separate injuries

May 19, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 19, 1913:

  • "Willard Brown of the post office was injured yesterday in a fall from a roof of a cabin at a camp up the river. Mr. Brown wrenched his knee and was unable to be at the office today. The jinx certainly is busy at the post office. Postmaster Finch is still using a cane, Assistant Postmaster Whitman is recovering from a broken shoulder, an attack of rheumatism has kept Frank Kingsbury at home for several days and now Willard Brown is laid up."
  • "A heavy pall that hung over Kansas City two hours this morning sent hundreds of citizens scurrying into their cellars in fear of a tornado resulted in a series of minor traffic accidents and culminated in a terrible thunderstorm. Early today the sun was shining but at eight o'clock a fresh storm began to gather and fifteen minutes later the city was plunged into complete darkness. The weather bureau was deluged with inquiries from anxious citizens. Reports from nearby towns said that the same conditions prevailed.... At Tonganoxie there was a big downpour. At Lawrence there was a heavy wind, damaged wires, but no casualties are reported."
  • "An ugly cloud came up from the Northwest this morning and for a time looked quite threatening. The people of Lawrence looked at it anxiously for some time, but when the light began to break forth in the far north much relief was felt. Then followed a short, quick action shower which moistened up things and helped the crops.... Lightning struck a tree at the W. I. Hoadley home, 1319 Vermont street. The bark was peeled from the tree and neighbors saw big balls of fire rolling down the cement walk. No other damage was done."
  • "While the members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity were at a party at Ecke's Hall Saturday night the fraternity house was entered and robbed. Most of the silverware and table linen were taken. The house was locked and it is thought that the thief entered the basement window."
  • "If the voters of the city of Lawrence vote favorably on the adoption of a special enabling act giving the Board of Education power to levy a special tax for school buildings the Board will erect three new buildings in the City of Lawrence, one on the property in Southwest Lawrence and two in North Lawrence."


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