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100 years ago: City council discusses movie-house licenses, speed limits, South Park

May 18, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 18, 1913:

  • "The city fathers last night passed another ordinance which fixes the license which motion picture shows must pay to operate in the city of Lawrence. It fixes the license at $50 semi-annually where the admission is more than five cents and $25 semi-annually where the admission is but five cents. This ordinance brought forth much opposition from the owners of motion picture houses in the city of Lawrence.... Mr. C. M. Patee of the Patee Nickel appeared before the council last night on behalf of the motion picture shows in the city and urged that the license be reduced, stating that it would be a hardship upon them to pay this high license fee. However, the ordinance was passed."
  • "An ordinance in conformity with the new state automobile law was read last night the first time and laid on the table under the rules. This ordinance would fix the speed at which cars may run in Lawrence at 12 miles an hour on all streets and 6 miles an hour at intersections. This is the speed fixed by the new state law. It increases the present speed limit on Massachusetts street, but reduces the limit on the other streets. At present the speed permitted no Massachusetts street is ten miles and on other streets it is fifteen miles an hour. This ordinance will come up for the second reading at the next meeting of the council."
  • "An ordinance was read the first time establishing a street around South Park to be known as 'Park Drive.' There was some question as to the right of the city to use this property for a street and the ordinance was laid over. When this property was given to the city it was with the provision that it should be used for park purposes only and that when it cased to be so used it would revert to the original owners of the property. The matter was laid over to permit further investigation."
  • "It was late in the session last night before the city fathers arrived at the routine business of the meeting, and it was 10:30 o'clock before adjournment was taken.... Following the session of the council the members, city officials and the press adjourned to Councilman Rocklund's hostelry where City Attorney Mitchell and President Hosford 'Set 'em up.' The feature of the menu was strawberries imported for the occasion from Arkansas."


Sarah St. John 5 years ago

There is a break from the Billie Bob updates for a couple of days. They're still looking for him (or evidence of some kind) but it is not in the paper for a day or three. Meanwhile, we get a glimpse of what was covered at a recent City Council meeting. After the late meeting finally adjourned, the city folks (and the press!) got to take a strawberry break.

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