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100 years ago: Pool hall age violations lead to arrests

May 10, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 10, 1913:

  • "Two arrests were made in Lawrence yesterday evening for alleged violations of the pool hall regulations of the city. Sneegas Brothers are charged with permitting minors to play in their hall, the 'Smoke House,' 738 Massachusetts street.... C. A. Bringolf, of the Bringolf Hall at 819 Massachusetts street, was charged with permitting the playing of the game in his hall later than 11 o'clock at night, the closing hour under the city ordinances.... The enforcement of the pool hall rules has not been very strict in Lawrence of late but the police department intends that it shall be, especially with regard to the playing of minors in these pool halls."
  • "A GOOD RAIN -- More Trouble for the Chinch Bugs and the Wheat is Happy. -- Another fine rain fell last night. It came just as gently as the other one only it did not last so long. The ground was wet but the moisture that came last night came so gently that it all went into the ground. A heavy rain west will probably raise the river some. The chinch bugs will have to give up the wheat. The stalks are so strong now that they cannot do any damage. The weather is also cool which is another good thing. The least coolness in the weather makes the bugs dormant. Douglas county is now assured of an immense what crop. The farmers will have to fight for their corn, but that is later and a lot of things may happen to help them out."
  • "Dr. J. T. Faulkner, who lived in this city for several years, has been chosen as prison physician by the incoming warden of the penitentiary at Lansing. Dr. Faulkner is an idea man for the place. He is a man of fine conscience, careful in his every act and his work will be humane all the way through. He is a deeply religious man and will be a good example before the prisoners. The Lawrence friends of Dr. Faulkner will be mighty glad he has had opened to him this place which he will use as an opportunity for service."
  • "Believing that she had been untrue to him, Billie Terry is said to have attacked his 'Sweetheart,' Elizabeth Simpson, with a knife last night and stabbed her in the throat. The knife inflicted a rather deep wound and cut a jugular vein causing considerable loss of blood, but physicians say that the woman will recover. Terry was arrested shortly after midnight by Officers Smith and Silverthorn as he was about to return to his home. After the cutting Terry fled, but thinking the coast clear attempted to return later in the night.... The cutting is said to have taken place at the corner of Henry [Eighth] and Pennsylvania street shortly after 8 o'clock last night. It is said that Terry was jealous because he had seen the woman in company with another man."


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