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Journal-World wins 34 Kansas Press Association awards of excellence

May 4, 2013


The Lawrence Journal-World news and advertising departments took home 34 Kansas Press Association Awards of Excellence this year. The awards were presented Saturday at the Capital Plaza Hotel in Topeka.

First-place awards

• News Story: “Trail of Abuse,” by Shaun Hittle

• Investigative Story: “Trail of Abuse,” by Shaun Hittle

• Local Business Story: “Gym Builds Mind and Body,” by Shaun Hittle

• Education Story: “KU student, veteran on mission to get degree after injuries,” by Matt Erickson

• Sports Feature Story: “A Major Concern,” by Shaun Hittle

• News and Writing Excellence, by the news staff

• Sports Photo: “Elite forces,” Nick Krug

• Special Section — Editorial: KU Basketball Magazine by Janella Williams

• Best Online Video (Feature): “Intersecting Lives,” by Kevin Anderson, Shaun Hittle, Nick Krug

• Best Classified Display Ad: “Northeast Kansas Career Expo,” by Rachel Norlin

• Best Ad Series or Campaign: “Every single Lawrence ...” by Randy Erickson

• Best House Ad: “If it’s in Lawrence, it’s on Marketplace,” by Randy Erickson

• Most Adaptable Promotion: “Every single Lawrence...” by Randy Erickson

• Best Online Ad (Motion): “Cookie Contest,” by Rachel Norlin

• Best Story/Picture Combination: “Trail of Abuse,” by Mike Yoder and Shaun Hittle

Second-place awards

• Feature Story: “The Bigger the Show the Better,” by Shaun Hittle

• News Story: “Unraveling a Rape Case,” by Shaun Hittle

• Investigative Story: “Unraveling an Rape Case,” by Shaun Hittle

• Series: “Losing the Meth War,” by Shaun Hittle

• Local Business Story: “More restaurants cater to guests with food sensitivities,” by Sara Shepherd

• Agricultural Story: “Will new law water down Kansas wine?” by Sara Shepherd

• Education Story: “A Major Concern,” by Shaun Hittle

• Sports Story: “Big D-fense,” by Matt Tait

• Sports Photo: “Thanks for the dance,” by Mike Yoder

• Editorial Pages: Oct. 4, June 21 and Feb. 22, by Ann Gardner

• Best Newspaper Website, by the news staff

• Best House Ad: “Best seat in the House,” by Rachel Norlin

• Best Online Ad (Motion): “Best of Shawnee,” by Rachel Norlin

• Best Story/Picture Combination: “Intersecting Lives,” by Shaun Hittle, Nick Krug and Kevin Anderson

Third-place awards

• Local Business Story: “Adventures in Eating,” by Sara Shepherd

• Religion Story: “Singing for a second chance,” by Sara Shepherd

• Sports Story Feature: “I’m still here,” by Jesse Newell

• Best Online Video (Feature): “Moving on after mom,” by Nick Krug

• Best House Ad: “Lawrence: Surprisingly portable,” by Randy Erickson


JS82 5 years ago

I don't live in Lawrence anymore but I enjoy reading the online edition of the Journal World. Shaun Hittle deserves lots of praise but so does the whole staff for keeping the newspaper going in difficult times. Congratulations!

WilburM 5 years ago

Where in God's name in Chad Lahown, who has written more good stuff for the LJW than anyone else in the last five years (not diminishing Shaun Hittle at all)? Honestly, for impact on this community, no one comes close.

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