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100 years ago: Mr. Bowersock plans new ice plant

May 4, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 4, 1913:

  • "Mr. Bowersock is having plans prepared for the erection of a new Ice Plant on the lot east of the Paper Mill. The present plant of the Griffin Ice Company, which is comparatively new, is amply able to supply Lawrence for years to come, but the new location offers facilities that will permit of shipments to other towns. The Paper Mill has pumps and water supply from wells, in fact a complete water system ready for use and, in addition to this it is intended to use the exhaust team from the Paper Mill which is now going to waste. The newest and most improved ice system will be installed. It is proposed to have the plant ready for the season of 1914.... Such a plant would add materially to the now busy manufacturing district of Lawrence located on the river front. Already there are many industries located there, many that Lawrence people on the average know nothing about. Hundreds of men are employed in this district and it is growing steadily."
  • "The flower thieves are again at work. Many cases have been reported to Supt. Smith of the city schools. In most cases the culprits have been school children and principally boys. The stealing of flowers from the flower beds over the city has been going on every year and is something that should be stopped. One lady in west Lawrence reported the other day that she had seen a boy in her yard and upon calling to him and asking what he wanted he told her he was going to get some flowers. Before she could stop him he completely riddled her flower bed. Mr. Smith stated this morning that from now on drastic measures were going to be adopted and that any person or persons caught taking flowers from flower beds that do not belong to them will be punished by law. He has notified all the schools in the city of his action and will enforce it to the letter."
  • "Shall Lawrence have band concerts the coming summer? That is a question that will be put up to the people of Lawrence. A meeting of the band for the purpose of taking action will be held this evening with some citizens. The matter of concerts will be gone over and some definite plan outlined. The concerts have proved very popular, but last year the band was on its own account. Until that time a subscription had been taken up.... One suggestion that has been made is a good one. It is that the citizens generally contribute to these band concerts. Every Friday night there are many hundreds of people who attend these concerts and it is unfair that the business men should have all of the expense."


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