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100 years ago: ‘Tis the season for straw hats, mayor declares

May 1, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 1, 1913:

  • "Got your straw hat yet? Today was the official date for bringing out the straw head-gear and to be in the swim you must get yours right away. There have been occasional straws sighted on the horizon for a couple of weeks but they were crowding the season. It isn't straw hat time until the first of May. Mayor Bond this morning officially declared the season open and wearers of the straw haberdashery must not be disturbed until September 15."
  • "There are a number of young men who attend Kansas University and who are entirely self supporting while they are obtaining an education, statistics show that a large per cent of the students do, but the perseverance record of Howard Pinkerton of Olathe, Kansas, is a new one. Pinkerton is 22 years old and has worked his way through school ever since he was in the eighth grade. He came to the University two years ago and looked for a job the first thing. Since then he has waited tables at several places for his board, the last place being at the Acacia house, and has worked at the shops on the hill, gone to school and picked up jobs all over town. Pinkerton has not only supported himself through school but he has managed to save money for his future use. This is a wonderful record for any boy and one which seems to insure success to this young man.... A short time ago Pinkerton took the examination for a teacher's certificate in the Philippine Islands offered by the United States. He passed the examination, being one out of ten who accomplished it. He leaves for the Philippines with three other Kansas boys the fourth of May and will receive a salary of $1200 a year."
  • "It is just eight years ago yesterday that the old wind mill west of town burned. It was one of the hottest fires this town has seen. The old structure burned like tinder it was so dry. It was outside the fire limits and the entire town stood by and watched the structure burn."
  • "Fire this morning destroyed the barn on the Eben Baldwin farm at Lake View occupied by Julius Beurman. The loss is estimated at about $1,000. The origin of the fire is unknown. In addition to the barn a quantity of feed which was stored in it was lost. The stock in the barn was all saved. The house caught fire a number of times but a bucket brigade of neighbors succeeded in saving it."
  • "A monster Auto Parade has been added to the program that will be given here tomorrow night in the interests of Good Roads in the Douglas County, by the Douglas County Automobile and Good Roads Association. This parade will be one of the special features of the evening. The cars will gather at the Santa Fe depot at 6 o'clock to meet Governor George H. Hodges who will come down from Topeka and will be the principal speaker at the banquet later in the evening."


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