Opinion: Speech won’t forward peace process

March 30, 2013


— “I honestly believe that if any Israeli parent sat down with those (Palestinian) kids, they’d say I want these kids to succeed.”

     — Barack Obama, in Jerusalem, March 21

Very true. But how does the other side feel about Israeli kids?

Consider that the most revered parent in Palestinian society is Mariam Farhat of Gaza. Her distinction? Three of her sons died in various stages of trying to kill Israelis — one in a suicide attack, shooting up and hurling grenades in a room full of Jewish students.

She gloried in her “martyr” sons, wishing only that she had 100 boys like her schoolroom suicide attacker to “sacrifice ... for the sake of God.” And for that she was venerated as “mother of the struggle,” elected to parliament and widely mourned upon her recent passing.

So much for reciprocity. In the Palestinian territories, streets, public squares, summer camps, high schools, even a kindergarten are named after suicide bombers and other mass murderers. So much for the notion that if only Israelis would care about Arab kids, peace would be possible.

Israelis have forever wanted nothing more than peace and security for all the children. That’s why they accepted the 1947 U.N. partition of British Palestine into a Jewish and Arab state. Unfortunately — another asymmetry — the Arabs said no. To this day, the Palestinians have rejected every peace offer that leaves a Jewish state standing.

This is not ancient history. Yasser Arafat said no at Camp David in 2000 and at Taba in 2001. And in 2008, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered a Palestinian state on all of the West Bank (with territorial swaps) with its capital in a shared Jerusalem. Mahmoud Abbas walked away.

In that same speech, Obama blithely called these “missed historic opportunities” that should not prevent peace-seeking now. But these “missed historic opportunities” are not random events. They present an unbroken, unrelenting pattern over seven decades of rejecting any final peace with Israel.

So what was the point of Obama’s Jerusalem speech encouraging young Israelis to make peace, a speech the media drooled over? It was mere rhetoric, a sideshow meant to soften the impact on the Arab side of the really important event of Obama’s trip: the major recalibration of his position on the peace process.

Obama knows that peace talks are going nowhere. First, because there is no way that Israel can sanely make concessions while its neighborhood is roiling and unstable — the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt, rockets being fired from Gaza, Hezbollah brandishing 50,000 missiles aimed at Israel, civil war raging in Syria with its chemical weapons and rising jihadists, and Iran threatening openly to raze Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Second, peace is going nowhere because Abbas has shown Obama over the last four years that he has no interest in negotiating. Obama’s message to Abbas was blunt: Come to the table without preconditions, i.e., without the excuse of demanding a settlement freeze first.

Obama himself had contributed to this impasse when he imposed that precondition — for the first time ever in the history of Arab-Israeli negotiations — four years ago. And when Israel responded with an equally unprecedented 10-month settlement freeze, Abbas didn’t show up to talk until more than nine months in — then walked out, never to return.

In Ramallah, Obama didn’t just address this perennial Palestinian dodge. He demolished the very claim that settlements are the obstacle to peace. Palestinian sovereignty and Israeli security are “the core issue,” he told Abbas. “If we solve those two problems, the settlement problem will be solved.”

Finally. Presidential validation of the screamingly obvious truism: Any peace agreement will produce a Palestinian state with not a single Israeli settlement remaining on its territory. Any settlement on the Palestinian side of whatever border is agreed upon will be demolished. Thus, any peace that reconciles Palestinian statehood with Israeli security automatically resolves the settlement issue. It disappears.

Yes, Obama offered the ritual incantations about settlements being unhelpful. Nothing new here. He could have called them illegal or illegitimate. It wouldn’t have mattered — because Obama officially declared them irrelevant.

Exposing settlements as a mere excuse for the Palestinian refusal to negotiate — that was the news, widely overlooked, coming out of Obama’s trip. It was a breakthrough.

Will it endure? Who knows. But when an American president so sympathetic to the Palestinian cause tells Abbas to stop obstructing peace with that phony settlement excuse, something important has happened. Abbas, unmasked and unhappy, knows this better than anyone.

— Charles Krauthammer is a columnist for Washington Post Writers Group.


Ron Holzwarth 1 year ago

"And thereafter We [Allah] said to the Children of Israel: 'Dwell securely in the Promised Land. And when the last warning will come to pass, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd'." - Qur'an 17:104

The world needs more pious Muslims that live by what the Qur'an says.


ophiuchus 1 year ago

Having read the running exchanges in this forum, I take back what I earlier said about dialogue.

/ I'm not taking sides

// well, maybe just some spicy potato wedges and a little ketchup


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 1 year ago

"It's true that I don't understand what it's like to go around hating people all the time."

Nor do I. Nor do I understand what it's like to be so partisan on an issue as to be obliged to ignore the reality of it.


Ron Holzwarth 1 year ago

This is the rubble of Gaza City, downloaded from the web.

Gaza City

Gaza City by Ron Holzwarth

The rubble.

The rubble. by Ron Holzwarth

As you can see, not much is left.

As you can see, not much is left. by Ron Holzwarth

The damage is terrible.

The damage is terrible. by Ron Holzwarth

Israel didn't leave much standing in Gaza City.

Israel didn't leave much standing in Gaza City. by Ron Holzwarth

Reality can be a tough thing to face, when you've been reading and believing propaganda all your life.


IKU57 1 year ago

....why would a speech forward a peace process anyway?


Ron Holzwarth 1 year ago

It's in the Jewish scriptures that peace will not come until the Mashiach arrives.
It's in the Christian scriptures that peace will not come until Jesus returns.
It's an Islamic belief that peace will not come until the 12th Imam returns.

What if He arrives, and it turns out that He was really the same person all along?
He would be so angry with all of us!


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 1 year ago

Yes, Chuck, we know, Israelis are just good humanitarians forced to murder Palestinian men, women and children purely to defend themselves, while Palestinians are nothing but bloodthirsty mudpeople.


Ron Holzwarth 1 year ago

"Any peace agreement will produce a Palestinian state with not a single Israeli settlement remaining on its territory. Any settlement on the Palestinian side of whatever border is agreed upon will be demolished."

Wow, talk about apartheid. Jews won't be able to become citizens, they will have to leave. I hope they get to take their money with them. Even in the apartheid days of South Africa, Blacks were allowed to stay in the country.

But, many Arab nations have kicked all the Jews out and seized all their property, that's nothing new. In fact, almost 50% of Israelis are refugees or their descendants from Arab nations. It's a bit strange that you hear all about the pitiful Palestinian refugees, while the Jewish refugees have been refugees just as long, but that's never mentioned.


ophiuchus 1 year ago

Speech, no; dialogue, yes. Taking sides leaves only... sides.


Paul R Getto 1 year ago

Both sides are at fault and have commited acts of terror over the years. "My god can beat up your god?"


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