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Editorial: Tournament time

The fact that both the Jayhawk men and women have advanced to the Sweet 16 adds even more excitement to this year’s NCAA basketball tournament.

March 29, 2013


NCAA basketball tournament time always spurs some excitement in Lawrence and throughout the Jayhawk Nation, and that excitement is heightened in a year, like this one, when both the men’s and women’s teams find themselves advancing to the Sweet 16.

The men’s team will play its next game tonight against Michigan. Theirs is one of the few sections of the bracket that ran according to predictions, pitting the No. 1 and 4 seeds.

Because they were the No. 1 seed in their region, the men’s advance was less of a surprise than the success of the 12th-seeded Jayhawk women, who beat the No. 4 and 5 seeds in their region, Colorado and South Carolina, to move into the round of 16. On Sunday, the women will face their region’s No. 1 seed, Notre Dame, which advanced in two easy victories against lower seeds.

This is the second year in a row that the Jayhawk women have made an unexpectedly strong showing in the NCAA tournament. It’s a special treat for fans and a great way for some notable seniors — Angel Goodrich, Caroline Davis and Monica Engelman — to close out their college careers.

There’s more than the usual amount of senior leadership on the men’s team as well, with four seniors — Elijah Johnson, Travis Releford, Kevin Young and Jeff Withey — among the starting five. At a time when the best players rarely use all four years of their college eligibility, it’s been fun to watch these seniors hone their skills at KU.

Kansas fans are well aware that there are no guarantees in the one-and-done NCAA tournaments. A substandard performance or an inspired opponent can make any game the last one of the season and the seniors’ careers. Both Kansas teams already have had a good run, but watching them go further would be even more fun. We hope both teams have great performances in their games this weekend and perhaps the opportunity to play again a week from now.


Lawrence Morgan 5 years ago

I find it incomprehensible that the Journal-World's focus is so narrow that it only includes Lawrence. This is the time when the Wichita team also deserves mention and commendation.

A recent editorial mentioned that KU is "elite" and and not accepting or willing to encourage other parts of the state. Unless I have somehow missed it, this is a good example of the Journal-World being "elite" and not also providing coverage of other parts of the state, especially when the Wichita team has also done so well this year.

The Jayhawks - both men's and women's teams - are to be congratulated. But other parts of the state deserve congratulation too.

Maddy Griffin 5 years ago

And I'm sure their local papers are singing their praises.

elliottaw 5 years ago

Its the LAWRENCE Journal-World, the name pretty much tells you what the focus is.

Lawrence Morgan 5 years ago

It's like a tweeter just said on the game blog: Now we have to root for Wichita State.

But the Journal-World totally ignored the Wichita State team. Typical of a very narrow minded team focus, instead of wishing the entire state well.

And it's very typical of KU, as well.

But I do want to wish every member of the KU team much luck and good fortune in the future.

elliottaw 5 years ago

They only cover the mens basketball and football, I would rather see them focus on all the sports before they start reporting on sports outside of the city

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