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Lawrence police offering free course in hunting and firearms safety

March 27, 2013


Lawrence police are offering a free hunting safety course for anyone in Douglas County who has not completed the mandatory state-approved training.

Anyone born after July 1, 1957, must have a hunter education certificate to hunt in Kansas. The two-day course will be held on the last Saturday of April and the first Saturday of May. Students must be at least 11 years old as of May 4 to enroll. Parents and guardians of children attending the course, which is free of charge, are welcome to attend.

Students must attend both days to pass the course. On April 27 the course will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Building 21 at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. On May 4, the course will be held at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge near Lone Star Lake, and students are advised to dress outdoor activities. A lunch of hotdogs, beans and chips will be provided for $2 on the second day of the course, or students may bring their own lunch.

The Lawrence Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #2 is sponsoring the hunter education course. For more information, contact Sgt. Max Miller of the Lawrence Police Department at 785-832-7514 or send email to

To register, visit the Kansas hunter education website and sign up for Douglas County course.


Karl_Hungus 1 year ago

I went to the boomerang hunting/safety class last year and found it most exhilarating!


Biscayne 1 year ago

Thanks LPD, this is great.


getajob 1 year ago

Everyone should take the course.. Thank you LPD@


LeBo 1 year ago

Thank you F.O.P. The instructors are great and volunteers.


IKU57 1 year ago

In the 6th grade, our public school teacher taught us gun safety. Of course this was back when cooler, liberated minds taught in public schools.

Could you imagine the emotional conniptions of students and teachers, if gun safety was taught now? Man. There would be trauma response teams, rappelling through school windows, to aid in comforting the frazzled emotions of students and staff.


greatgatsby 1 year ago

Thank you Lawrence Police. Understanding, respecting, and learning about firearms are the most important aspects of safe gun ownership/usage.


basic101101 1 year ago

Very nice,will be attending.Cant wait :)


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