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County to discuss rock quarry, roofing project

March 26, 2013


Douglas County commissioners could decide Wednesday whether to approve a change in the phasing schedule at the Big Springs Quarry on the western edge of the county.

Commissioners will discuss that proposal when they meet at 6:35 p.m. at the Douglas County Courthouse, 1100 Massachusetts St. And they will meet at 4 p.m. to consider other items not expected to generate public comment.

The quarry proposal had been on the county's agenda earlier this month, but it was deferred to give nearby property owners time to study the proposal and prepare comments.

Mid-States Materials, LLC, which owns and operates the quarry, is asking to change the schedule outlined in its conditional use permit. The quarry is operating in an area south of North 1700 Road, about a half-mile east of the Shawnee County line.

The company would like to shift its next phase of operations directly west to an area that straddles both sides of the county line.

During the 4 p.m. meeting, commissioners will consider a proposal to use a national purchasing cooperative, U.S. Communities, instead of seeking competitive bids, on a project to replace the roof at the Judicial and Law enforcement Center.

The project is expected to cost $625,000.

U.S. Communities allows local governments to use contracts that have already been competitively bid by other lead agencies within the cooperative. For roofing projects, it has an exclusive agreement with Garland Roofing, a Cleveland, Ohio, company, to supply materials and manage the projects, although local contractors are hired to provide the labor.

Commissioners also will consider a request to spend $12,500 to help fund a feasibility study for an "intergenerational campus village." The project is being recommended by the Retiree Attraction ask Force, a group formed with the city of Lawrence to develop strategies to attract and retain retirees in the community.


somebodynew 4 years, 11 months ago

Why is it that is seems like all the 'committees' the City or County form have to ask for a large sum of money as their first act ??? I guess I should add that it really doesn't surprise me at all.

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