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KU to host forum on adding fluoride to drinking water

March 25, 2013


Kansas University’s chemistry department will host a forum this week on the pros and cons of adding fluoride to the city’s drinking water.

Lawrence resident Albert Burgstahler, who is the longtime editor of the journal Fluoride, will give a presentation at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday at 1001 Malott Hall on the KU campus.

Burgstahler has been a frequent opponent of cities adding fluoride to their drinking water supply. The issue has come in Lawrence after City Commissioner Hugh Carter in February asked staff members to study whether the city ought to consider abandoning its practice of adding fluoride to the drinking water.

Commissioners have received a report from the city auditor that highlights three studies about fluoridation. The studies recommend the EPA lower its allowable standards for fluoride in drinking water, but the city already is adding fluoride in amounts at or below those levels.

The six candidates for the Lawrence City Commission all have recently said they don't have any current concerns about the level of fluoride added to the city's drinking water.


mikekt 1 year ago

And next, our own Lawrence City Commissioner, Hugh Carter, will be asking the Lawrence City Auditor to find out if wearing polyester leisure suits, can really cause cancer, mice ?

All of this nonsense while the city signs an expensive, poorly outlined development pack that may be legally binding, for a rather open ended financial involvement in a sports complex with KU and Bliss Sports.............which is just the kind of costly thing, that a city auditor should be keeping an eye on......a city auditor who is not a doctor, not a dentist, not a biological researcher, etc;.....but a financial auditor, sent deliberately on a fools medical / dental / biological research errand, to research fluoride in drinking water, at a time when the foxes are visiting the cities financial future chicken coupe, to sign up for their "you owe us deals".

What else could they sideline our city auditor with, the next time that a large looming financial question, is on the immediate horizon ?

How about sending him out to Clinton Lake to look for the UFOs that are hiding beneath the water ? There is always Big Foot, The Loch Ness Monster & maybe the town needs to be searched high and low for dangerous Occult Zombies ?

I mean Zombies are on TV shows.......aren't they ?


Nys Cof 1 year ago

Fluoride is neither a nutrient nor required for health teeth. It is not added to the water to make it safer to drink (e.g. chorine) Fluoride is added to treat you, the tap water drinker, for a disease you may never get - tooth decay.

Like all drugs, fluoride has side effects See http://www.FluorideAction.Net/issues/health

The water supply should never be used to dose anyone with a drug without regard for individual health, age, weight, need or overdose.

Rotten diets make rotten teeth and no amount of fluoride will change that.


Dr_Cluck 1 year ago

Disregarding KU cynic, above, trying to be clever, I would heartily recommend Professor Burgstahler's presentation. No doubt he will present some of the science relating to the impact of fluoride ingestion on various body systems. But in addition to that there is another major consideration: Adding fluoride (or fluorosilicic acid) to the drinking water is undoubtedly “medication” of the populace, despite the odd denials of this you sometimes hear from those promoting fluoridation. As “medication of everybody”, fluoridation strips away the individual's right to informed consent to medication; the freedom of choice that our society normally enjoys. Coupled with the removal of freedom of choice, once fluoride is added to water there is no way to control who gets the drug or how much is ingested. No medical follow-up or monitoring of fluoride levels in citizens' urine or bones is being carried-out by health agencies and so no record is being kept of adverse effects or daily or accumulated exposures. No other medicine regime ever, anywhere, is treated in this cavalier, slapdash manner! Somehow, to this date, fluoridation slips through the net of oversight and accountability.


jwillie6 1 year ago

A scientific report (142 pages & 496 References) published last month shows how premature death and severe health problems are far greater for all ages in the fluoridated Republic of Ireland (ROI) compared to unfluoridated Northern Ireland (NI) or other unfluoridated European countries.

In each of the disease categories a highly significant increased burden of disease has been recorded for ROI with the most pronounced variation being

early onset dementia (450%), sudden infant death syndrome (300%), sarcoidosis (250%), congenital hypothyroidism (220%), osteoporosis (100%) Downs syndrome (83%), depression (78%), rheumatoid arthritis (60%), diabetes (60%) and cancer where significant increased risk for a wide range of cancers are to be found in ROI compared to non-fluoridated NI and non-fluoridated Europe.

Overall cancers incidence was significantly higher in fluoridated ROI compared to non-fluoridated NI. The World Health Organisation has also reported that the overall incidence of cancer per 100,000 in the RoI is 85% above the European region average, 43% above the EU average.

The review is here: For a quick overview, look at the graphs on pages 8, 12 and 14.


KU_cynic 1 year ago

We must protect our precious bodily fluids from those commies!


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