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Wonder Fair announces secret ‘adventure’ to celebrate anniversary

March 24, 2013


To celebrate its fifth anniversary, Wonder Fair is planning a community-driver art event befitting of its reputation as one of Lawrence’s best-kept secrets.

On Friday, the small, upstairs art gallery, shop and studio at 803 1/2 Massachusetts St. will kick off a month-long “art adventure.” At the helm of the interactive event is a group Wonder Fair calls the Secret Order of the Black Diamond, whose mission — instead of simply hanging art on the walls of Wonder Fair — is to curate a series of experiences throughout Lawrence and the Kansas City area.

“Following a series of clues left by the mysterious Black Diamonds, patrons may find themselves discovering new hobbies, magical places, learning new skills, or even stumbling upon hidden troves of art, all free for the taking,” according to a description from Wonder Fair.

To obtain telephone clues for the secret adventures, Wonder Fair asks for a donation of at least $1 to its Secret Order of the Black Diamond Kickstarter project, online at The more patrons pledge, the more elaborate the clues and bonuses they receive, including printmaking workshops and original artwork.

The crowd-funding effort aims to raise $3,500 by April 3, and more than $2,450 has been pledged so far. Money is planned to pay for honorariums for artists working on the project and — ultimately — equipment for a hand-pulled print shop Wonder Fair hopes will ensure it can “continue making affordable print editions for our members forever and ever.”


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