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100 years ago: Local boy accidentally shoots hunting companion

March 19, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 19, 1913:

  • "Wilbur Eberhart, son of Noah Eberhart, living six miles southwest of Lawrence, was accidentally shot in the back yesterday by a companion, LaVerne Ise, with whom he was hunting. The two boys left their homes yesterday morning to go duck hunting. They had located a flock of ducks and were advancing through the grass and brush to get within range. They were crouching along the ground, Eberhart in front, when in some way Ise's gun was discharged. It is presumed that in crawling along the ground Ise had his gun cocked and a stick or something caught on the trigger and fired the gun. Practically the entire charge entered Eberhart's back. However, the shot entered in a slanting direction and many of them caused only slight flesh wounds. Had the charge struck the boy square it might have been fatal. The injured hunter was brought to Lawrence and taken to the Jones hospital where the wounds were dressed and the shot removed. While Eberhart's condition is quite serious and the wounds causing him considerable pain it is not believed that the accident will be fatal."
  • "J. R. Baker, now living in south Lawrence, and for many years a resident of Fairview neighborhood, is as peaceable a man as one could find, and lives a peaceful life, but his grandfathers lived a life of an entirely different sort. One grandfather was a Chaplain in the German army and fought against Napoleon, while the other was a member of one of Napoleon's famous legions and fought through the battle of Waterloo, as well as upon score of fields in the campaign before that fatal day."


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