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Tune In Tonight: Reality show titles lacking in originality

March 17, 2013


With the wealth of the English language at their disposal, the geniuses in charge of putting titles on reality shows appear to have a limited vocabulary. As I have recently observed, the word “war” has been associated with “Whale Wars,” ‘‘Rhino Wars,” ‘‘Storage Wars” and “Cupcake Wars.” ‘‘Wives” and “housewives” have been similarly abused. As has “swap.”

Which brings us to “flip.” A&E;’s “Flip This House” has been around since 2005, weathering the roller coaster ride of the real estate market. Spike’s “Flip Men” launched in 2011, similarly concerned with guys who buy, renovate and sell houses for a living. Not to be confused with “Flipping Out,” which has been on Bravo since 2007.

Let’s not forget “Trip Flip” (7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Travel). Now entering its second season, “Trip Flip” features professional traveler Bert Kreischer, who convinces ordinary folks to let him hijack their vacation and take them someplace more exciting.

In addition to recycling a well-worn word, the folks at Travel seem to have ignored the schedule. Why ask adventure-loving viewers to choose between “Trip Flip” and “The Amazing Race” (7 p.m., CBS)?

“The Bible” (7 p.m. Sunday, History) surveys the Good Book from the time of Babylonian captivity to the New Testament account of Mary and Joseph’s arrival in Bethlehem to take part in the census of the Roman Empire. “The Bible” is set to continue on Palm Sunday and culminate on Easter Sunday.

Sunday’s other highlights

• Scheduled on “60 Minutes” (6:30 p.m., CBS): Russian punk rockers; a hit man turned informant; Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

“The World According to Dick Cheney” (7 p.m., Showtime 2) recalls the former vice president’s four decades in Washington.

• Hannah, a writer who talks about writing more than doing it, is faced with the prospect of finishing her book in a single day on the second season finale of “Girls” (8 p.m., HBO).

• Irwin’s release derails Marta’s scheme on “Red Widow” (9 p.m., ABC).

• Earl Haralson (Gabriel Byrne) reluctantly allows Ragnar’s band to have a second crack at Western booty on “Vikings” (9 p.m., History).


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