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40 years ago: What should KU look for in a chancellor?

March 17, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 17, 1973:

People on the streets of Lawrence were stopped at random this week and asked what qualities Kansas University officials should look for in their next chancellor, who was to be selected by the Kansas Board of Regents with the assistance of a campus advisory committee. Youth was stressed by at least one respondent, who said that "a younger person would be more suited to the job" but also conceded that the chancellor "should be experienced in a management position and have an open mind and be able to get along with people." Business ability was also important to another respondent, who said that KU was "a big business" and added that "if a man downtown ran his business like they run it up there, he'd be off the street, but all the taxpayers can do is pay the bills." Other people mentioned such qualities as diplomacy, honesty, strength, academic credentials, the ability to get along with alumni and with diverse groups in general. Interestingly, all of the persons questioned appeared to include the words "he" and "him" in their responses; apparently the idea of a female chancellor was still a few years away.


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