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City approves new location for Tuesday Farmers’ Market in downtown

March 6, 2013


The Downtown Lawrence Farmers’ Market has found a new home for its Tuesday afternoon markets.

City commissioners at their meeting Tuesday night unanimously agreed to allow the market to use the same city-owned parking lot that currently hosts the popular Saturday Farmers' Market. The lot is in the 800 block of Rhode Island Street, although it also can be accessed from New Hampshire Street.

Commissioners heard concerns from some downtown businesses that the Tuesday afternoon market, which will take just under 20 spaces in the parking lot, may create a parking crunch in the area.

But commissioners said they had seen evidence the lot could handle the extra use on a one-day-per week basis during the farmers’ market season.

Commissioners, though, did direct staff members to ask officials at US Bank if public parking could be allowed on Tuesdays in a little-used bank-owned parking lot at the northwest corner of Ninth and Rhode Island. The bank previously had expressed an interest in helping the farmers’ market.


consumer1 5 years ago

Do the marketeers, a. have a sales tax number(s)? b. state license? c. will they be paying the city for the use/cleanup required after each event? d. Do the food product sold here require any type of F.D. A approval? e. Who is liable is someone get's hurt while participating in this event?

Gedanken 5 years ago

a) Yes. b) If necessary. c) Probably not, but they clean up after themselves. d) No. e) The question is too general for an answer.

What is your point? You could find out some of this by using something called "Google".

bad_dog 5 years ago

What lack of accountability has been shown by those that use the lot? Why don't you just come out and objectively state an experience driven criticism rather than dreaming up hypotheticals that might irritate you, in the rare likelyhood they ever occurred?

And yes, your question about liability is too general to respond to effectively. Did an injury occur? If so, what happened? Was it a food-borne disease that caused the injury or did the person fracture an ankle because they stepped in a pot-hole? If so, is that a patent defect that the city had a duty to correct? Does the city have a duty to ensure the safety of food purchased at the market? Did the city breach those duties? Did any damages flow from that breach? Does a vendor share liability with the city or another 3rd party? What if someone is bitten by a stray dog while visiting the market? Endless scenarios with uncertain outcomes. Each have completely fact sensitive & driven outcomes.

bad_dog 5 years ago

The city or someone/entity they are legally liable for would have to owe a duty to another, breach the duty and have damages flow from that breach in order tocreate civil liability. Even if you can demonstrate liability under the Kansas tort claims act; KSA 75-6101, economic, non-economic and pain & suffering damages are capped and governmental entities enjoy numerous exceptions to liability. Section 75-6104 lays out numerous exceptions to liability. I suggest you review the entire Act for answers to some of your questions.

You might even want to send your question to the "Sound Off" section of the LJW.

Gedanken 5 years ago

You do realize that the Farmer's Market has to enter into an agreement with the City to get access the parking lots, right? You do realize they have to acquire the appropriate permits from the city that costs $$ to get access to the parking lots right? They are paying for the usage and the city is also getting sales tax dollars. In addition, people who go to the Farmer's Market quite often shop at other stores downtown while visiting the market. They just need a spot to hold it. It isn't like they are asking for a 10 year, 100% tax abatement like all the other crooks around here.

lucyjj 5 years ago

I sure wish we could find a permanent place for a sheltered farmers' market, similar to what can be found in Olympia, WA. It's a very popular place. I'm sure it pays for itself and vendors make money there. In the case of Olympia, it also brings people downtown to shop at the downtown stores or to visit the restaurants on Budd Bay. I like the idea of having the market to the east of downtown north of 9th St. Let's spend some development money in east Lawrence. I would be far more supportive of my tax dollars helping build a permanent farmers' market near downtown rather than some of the other projects we will be paying for in the coming few years at the far fringes of our city, far from most residents.

jhawkinsf 5 years ago

Lots of space in the Riverfront Mall for a sheltered farmer's market during the winter months. Not sure the parking lot could accommodate everyone.

cds 5 years ago

+1 to lucyjj's response. The Olympia farmers market is a wonderful place and a perfect example of what a farmers market should be like. I'd much rather have my tax dollars going to something like it than a new rec center for KU.

MarcoPogo 5 years ago

^^^^ Looks like we've made a Love Connection ^^^^

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