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100 years ago: Merchants’ Association fights bogus checks, vandalism

March 6, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 6, 1913:

  • "'$50 reward for the arrest and conviction of any person or persons obtaining money under false pretenses. $25 reward for the arrest and conviction of any person or persons cutting or defacing store fronts. $10 reward for the arrest and conviction of any person or persons expectorating on window fronts. Merchants Association, Lawrence, Kansas.' To protect its members from the practices of bogus check artists and vandals the merchants Association of Lawrence has set a price upon the heads of persons guilty of defrauding its members or defacing property of its members. Recently Lawrence has been paid a number of visits by men with bad paper and this action of the association was taken in an effort to discourage these visitors.... Several members of the Association were among those 'worked' by one Roy Adams who left a trail of bad paper behind him some time ago. Then others of the association were victims of Shoemaker, the Aggie student who was arrested here several weeks ago after he had passed a number of bad checks. Offers of rewards such as the one made last night perhaps will serve as a check upon the bogus check men.... Another offense which has been causing the merchants much annoyance has been the use of knives and pencils on store fronts. To stop this, the Association offers a reward of $25 for the guilty party's arrest. The arrest of anyone caught expectorating on a window owned by any member of the association will bring a reward of $10."
  • "Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Ober returned yesterday from their eastern trip. Every year Mr. Ober takes a trip or two to the east and if there is anything in equipment or in goods that is new and better he gets it. He said this morning that without such trips the western business man was liable to get into a rut. 'But we have here what they have in New York,' he went on to say, 'and you don't have to pay what they do.' That is mighty true and Ober's store will compare with any in the country."


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