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Tune In Tonight: Reality TV full of D-list personalities

March 5, 2013


Coolio’s girlfriend trades places with the spouse of singer Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray) for a week on “Celebrity Wife Swap” (7 p.m., ABC).

It’s come to this: Coolio’s girlfriend.

Faithful network viewers are beginning to grumble that the words “celebrity” and “star” have been diluted. The announcement of the forthcoming lineup for “Dancing With the Stars” caused some to complain that it was beginning to resemble Kathy Griffin’s infamous “D-List.” Andy Dick, anyone?

For pure freak-show, low-level, has-been recycling, nothing tops (or bottoms) “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice,” seen on NBC on Sunday nights. It almost goes without saying that Gary Busey is on board. The true tragedy is that the cast features Marilu Henner. As we learned on “60 Minutes,” the former “Taxi” star has a nearly photographic memory. That means she’ll never be able to forget a second of this pointless experience.

‘‘Treasure Detectives” (8 p.m., CNBC) offers a variation on the well-traveled buying-and-selling-stuff genre. Its slightly different hook is its focus on forgeries. Detective Curtis Dowling separates the wheat from the chaff, informing folks that the valuable collector’s item they just purchased is actually fraudulent. Of course the Keno brothers on “Antiques Roadshow” have been doing that since before the turn of the century.

Tonight’s other highlights

• Ten semifinalists perform on “American Idol” (7 p.m., Fox).

• Spencer vanishes on “Pretty Little Liars” (7 p.m., ABC Family).

• Seven finalists emerge on “The Taste” (8 p.m., ABC).

• A car thief’s desperate deal on “The Lying Game” (8 p.m., ABC Family).

• One clue leads to another on “Golden Boy” (9 p.m., CBS).

• Julia feels the tension between Peter and Tom on “Smash” (9 p.m., NBC).

• An abuse case takes on occult overtones on “Body of Proof” (9 p.m., ABC).

• An explosive fishing expedition reels in unexpected information on “Justified” (9 p.m., FX).


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