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100 years ago: Lawrence fights imposition of old debt

March 2, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for March 2, 1913:

  • "A delegation of seven Lawrence men invaded the state capitol this morning prepared to show to the legislators the injustice of the Riddle Bill which proposes to reimpose upon the city of Lawrence the old University of Kansas debt of $100,000. The bill was up on special order in both houses of the legislature today and the Lawrence delegation was sent up to Topeka to contest the measure.... The Riddle bill proposes to reimpose upon the city of Lawrence a debt of $100,000, the sum of a bond issued in 1883 by the city of Lawrence for the maintenance of the University of Kansas at a time when the University was in need of money. The city of Lawrence at that time voted these bonds and they were sold to the state school fund. The city of Lawrence paid interest on these bonds for a number of years. Then a bill passed by the legislature relieving the city of this debt and the city ceased to pay interest. Later an effort was made to reimpose the debt but the supreme court held that the previous action of the legislature in annulling the debt must stand. At the present session of the legislature Representative Riddle asked Attorney General John S. Dawson to draw up a bill covering this, which he did. Dawson is also said to have expressed the opinion that the city of Lawrence was still liable for the debt."
  • "Prof. W. E. Rafferty of Kansas City gave a splendid talk to the boys welfare league last night at the Y.M.C.A. on 'Truth, and Ticks of a Watch.' He told the boys that it was not the outer appearances that counted so much as it was the real value. He illustrated his talk by presenting two watches, one a gold watch without the works and another a silver watch with the works in it. Six more boys signed the anti-cigarette pledge, making a total of 90 pledges."
  • "City Engineer Herbert Dunmire has gone to the east to visit several large cities where modern water systems have been installed and are in operation. Mr. Dunmire will study these plants and obtain ideas where will be used when Lawrence remodels the system here.... Mr. Dunmire first will visit several large cities in Ohio, including cities that are said to have modern systems. Mr. Dunmire plans to make a thorough study and investigation of these plants before returning home.... When the city of Lawrence decides how the present water question shall be settled, whether the city purchases the plant or whether the company is to make the improvements, the engineer's information will, no doubt, be of value."
  • "Topeka. -- The governor's mansion is one of the latest additions to the quarantine list at the office of J. L. Pugh, city sanitary sergeant. Little Georgia Hodges, 8 years old, has the measles. The mansion will be placarded this morning. The case was reported to sanitary Sergeant Pugh late yesterday afternoon and the home of the governor will be one of the first of about twenty houses to be decorated with the 'Measles Here' signs this morning."


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