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100 years ago: Lawrence police chief reminds residents to have ‘safe and sane’ Fourth

June 30, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 30, 1913:

  • "'Yes, we are going to make a great effort to give Lawrence a sane Fourth this year,' said Chief of Police E. E. Meyers this morning. 'It's going to be a big battle between half a dozen police officers and several thousand young Americans but I shall instruct the officers to stop all promiscuous and malicious observances of the day. There must be no shooting on Massachusetts street and we will not tolerate the placing of dynamite caps on the car tracks. We are going to make every possible effort to minimize the noise.' But it will be no small job for the officers and there is every indication that July Fourth is going to be the policeman's busy day. However, American people are seeing the waste and the injury of the old time celebration and there is more and more of a disposition to be sane on this day. Fathers and mothers like the idea and with their cooperation the police officer's care may be lessened."
  • "The evil of white slavery is threatening the very life of the nation, according to Dr. F. H. Essert who addressed a mass meeting of men yesterday afternoon at the First Baptist church.... Dr. Essert told of the danger of girls from good homes being decoyed to serve the purposes of these vultures, he deplored the existence of a double standard for men and women. As a cure for the evil Dr. Essert stated that the people of the nation must be educated to realize the dangers that beset them and to develop more self-control. It was a strong address, to the point and yet not in the least suggestive."
  • "St. Mary's College will not have a place on the Kansas University football schedule next fall. Not because of any action on the part of the Jayhawker authorities, but because the Catholic school does not care to continue the annual contest. Manager W. O. Hamilton has received word from St. Mary's that because of the fact that Kansas has so far outclassed the St. Mary's teams in the past it does not seem advisable to continue the annual game."
  • "This is the Schoolman's week at the University of Kansas. The annual session of the Schoolmen of Kansas opened on the hill this afternoon with an address by Professor Henry Suzzalo of Columbia University, New York City. Dr. Suzzalo is a man of great experience in the teaching world and his addresses here should be of great value to the schoolmen of Kansas."


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