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Undrafted Travis Releford, Elijah Johnson join NBA summer squads

June 28, 2013


Former Kansas University guard/small forward Travis Releford, who was not selected in Thursday’s NBA Draft, will be playing summer league basketball for both the Indiana Pacers and Denver Nuggets, Releford told the Journal-World on Friday.

Indiana will compete in the Orlando Summer League from July 7-12. Denver will play in the Vegas Summer League from July 12-22.

Also, Releford confirmed a report he has agreed to a one-year deal with Okapi Aalstar, a pro team in Belgium. The news was reported on the Okapi Aalstar team’s website as well as and

“I have a deal with a team there (Belgium), but I have an NBA escape,” Releford said. “Meaning if I do go there, I can leave at any point if a team wanted me to.”

Training camp in Belgium opens in August. Kansas City native Releford should have a good idea if the Nuggets or Pacers are serious about his chances of making the team by then.

Former KU combo guard Elijah Johnson, meanwhile, will play summer league ball for the Los Angeles Clippers, Johnson’s agent, Stephen Pina of ASM Sports, confirmed on Twitter on Friday. The Clippers will play in the Vegas summer league in Johnson’s hometown.


Richard Benson 4 years, 3 months ago

No-drama and psycho-drama ... I love them both, and wish them both well in basketball and in life to the nth degree. I love Kevin Young, too. As to Kevin, I wonder if he could be a successful coach. There is no question but that he knows basketball in the grittiest way. And there is no question whatsoever but that Kevin Young is a high-quality leader. The question is: Will there ever be a successful happy coach? If a non-vituperative non-yeller coach with a smile on his face could put together a winner, that coach might just be Kevin Young.

doctordave77 4 years, 3 months ago

You have to yell to motivate these guys. If everyone were self motivated, no problem. But as you no dount know from your job, not everyone comes in at 8 andworks their butt off until 5. Sometimes it's necessary to encourage folks by reminding them that their next raise is dependent on their performance at work.

In NCAA basketball, there's no pay. The only real leverage that you have for lazy players is threatening to throw them off the team, or not play them. That doesn't work too well when you have a squad of just 10 players or so. Therefore, coaches yell - it has to be done, no way around it. But KY certainly can learn to do that, amd stay the pleasant cheerful person that he is. It's just an act, you prepare to do it and then you go back to being yourself.

Try it sometime chupa - you just might get rid of some of that built up frustration with others. Getting angry isn't a sin, but letting hostility fester is.


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