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KCC drops controversial approval process called ‘pink sheeting’

June 27, 2013


— The Kansas Corporation Commission is indefinitely abandoning a decision process after being sued for using it.

The practice, called “pink sheeting,” allowed the three commission members to register their opinions on issues individually without having a meeting. It’s named for the color of the sheets commissioners use to record their opinions.

Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor has sued the commission and its members, alleging the practice violates the state’s open meetings law, which requires government bodies to make decisions in public.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that the commission voted Wednesday to suspend the practice.

The vote came a day after commissioners asked the attorney general’s office to defend it against the lawsuit, and to assess the agency’s open meetings practices.


Bob Burton 4 years, 10 months ago

All should resign, otherwise we need to get the "tar & feathers" ready. To bad there is no penalty for not holding meetings in open session.

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 4 years, 10 months ago

There should be a stiff penalty for violating the open meetings law. When we built our home 27 years ago, then KPL talked us into a total electric home. Electric rates were low then, and we had no problem with it. In the past two decades KPL & then Westar, have been continually raising their rates. They always ask for more than they need because they know the KCC will pare down their request. In the meantime the consumer gets screwed. Seems like rate request hikes before the KCC are growing more frequent. Now that I am retired, and on a fixed income, we can least afford them. I think the governor should fire all the KCC commissioners and start over. He should make obeying the KS open meetings act a top priority !!

lucky_guy 4 years, 10 months ago

The problem is not only with the commisioners. The KCC is understaffed and demoralized. The theory X management style has had the effect of wrecking the KCC so it is almost non functional. Pink sheeting was the last resort of a broken department. Yelling about "open meetings" is a diversion from the real issue of the KCC's inability to do it's work effectively. The way to get the KCC back is to increase staff and pay them more. Sorry if the idea of paying Master or PHD level state employees more than managers at McDonalds offends you. Ok, this will get me booted off, but Lynn731 you knew what you KPL rates were when you retired, you knew that the trend was up. You should have managed your retirement to compensate and not blame the KCC.

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