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25 years ago: Magnetic storm to bring solar particles, but Lawrence would prefer rain

June 25, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 25, 1988:

  • A major magnetic storm was expected to reach the Earth on the coming Monday as particles emitted by giant solar explosions were to disrupt communications and tweak satellite orbits. A warning issued by the federal Space Environment Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, said that the "storm" was spurred by a series of solar flares. Dale Gary, a solar astronomer at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, said that one of the solar flares was the largest since April 1984. Effects were expected to include interference with long-distance telephone calls, radio broadcasts, pipeline control systems, and communications with airplanes and ships. The Earth's auroras were also forecast to be pushed away from the poles, making the northern lights visible in locations further south than usual.
  • Storms of another kind would have been welcomed in Lawrence today as the Midwest entered into another week of dry weather. Kansas Agriculture Secretary Sam Brownback said that although Kansas was still in better shape than some neighboring states, drought conditions were worsening daily.
  • At least one person in Lawrence was probably hoping that any possible rain would hold off on July 2. Judy Wright, coordinator of the Independence Days festival, said today that she was a little worried about possible rain but promised those attending the event that there would be "plenty of relief from the sun at the park." The annual three-day event was to be held at Burcham Park.


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