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100 years ago: Man’s hat leads to arrest in chicken-stealing case

June 24, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 24, 1913:

  • "It probably seems rather foolish to think of one of our most respected citizens and criminal chasers getting himself tangled up into a petty thievery charge at the county jail but nevertheless that is just what happened this morning when some one in west Lawrence telephoned the sheriff that there had been a thief in his big chicken coop the night before and that he had unluckily left his hat. The sheriff told the man to bring the hat down to the office and they would run the thief down. 'Billie' Cummings' astonishment can be imagined when he looked at the hat and identified it to be that of County Attorney J. S. Amick. A warrant was immediately sworn out and the culprit was taken into custody. A large crowd of Lawrence business men flocked to the jail to go on the Hon. Attorney's bond. However, it was found to be unnecessary to stir up any fuss as the matter was finally straightened out to suit all parties. As a matter of fact it wasn't Mr. Amick at all. The facts are that the county attorney had gone over to his neighbor's to purchase some chickens the night before and while he and the owner were out looking them over the hat was accidentally dropped."
  • "Because anyone can go to Haskell at any time is doubtless the reason why so many of the residents of Lawrence are ignorant of the real work that is being done in this great school. Started twenty-nine years ago Haskell Institute has grown until it stands first among the great Indian schools of the country. For some years it stood second to Carlisle, but now it stands first and more students are asking admittance than the school can accommodate.... For the school year that has just closed there was an enrollment of 763, probably a larger number than has been enrolled at any of the colleges of the state outside of the state institutions. These boys and girls have learned knowledge of a practical nature and will face the world better equipped to make their livelihood than the average white boy and girl.... The teaching has not been theoretical, but intensely practical.... Morals at the school have been kept at a high standard and yet the boys and girls are permitted to associate together under certain restrictions. In the great dining room the boys and girls sit at the tables together and in this manner have the pleasure of association one with the other."


Sarah St. John 4 years, 11 months ago

Today's OHT is officially dedicated to my chicken-keeping friend, Mikell. Bok bok! :-)

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