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100 years ago: Lawrence merchant weighs in on early summer closings

June 23, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 23, 1913:

  • "'Editor Journal-World: I cannot learn that there is any definite understanding as to matter of closing stores during months of July and August for the purpose of giving employees a little recreation. I am opposed to closing at 5 p.m. each afternoon as has been suggested -- not alone because the hours from 4 to 6 is the time when shoppers who cannot get out in the early morning prefer to do their trading, but because it really gives employees so little extra time that they cannot plan for the things they would like to do could they have five or six hours in succession. I shall be glad to close Friday afternoon during July and August providing other prominent stores will co-operate. Very truly, A. D. WEAVER.' -- Mr. Weaver's plan is one which was suggested last year along with the proposition to close each evening at 5 o'clock. It met with much favor last year but no agreement could be reached and the plan for some sort of summer closing was not realized.... In his letter to the Journal-World today, Mr. Weaver opens the question again, and perhaps something can be done this year for the relief of the shop workers. Other cities have taken similar action in years past in lightening the work of employees during the hot summer months, and there are a number of Lawrence employers who would be glad to do the same if an agreement can be reached making the closing general. Mr. Weaver is the first merchant to express himself on the proposition this year. This starts the movement again and others may be heard from later."
  • "An examination of the head of the bull dog belonging to Anson Storm which was shot here Saturday proved that the animal had hydrophobia. The report was received this morning and stated that it was a very well developed case. The dog was killed Saturday morning.... The dog is known to have bitten a number of other dogs while at large Saturday morning and a number of West Lawrence pets are to be killed as a result. The police are seeking to locate the bitten animals today and it is probable that Mayor Bond will issue another order requiring the tying up or muzzling of dogs."
  • "A large number of Lawrence autoists took short trips out into the country yesterday in various directions. They reported that most of the roads are in very good shape and that the farmers have been making very good use of the drag this season.... The new equipment recently purchased by the county is being used to good effect on the roads, but it will require half the summer to cover every road in the county but once with the new grader."


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